Hogwarts Legacy Beast Offspring Growth & Use

In Hogwarts Legacy, you are going to unlock the Vivarium as part of the main quest. This is a special section of the Room of Requirement, where you can place the magical beasts that you’ve caught. If you take good care of them, they can provide you with much-needed magical ingredients for your potions and other such upgrades. But did you know that you can also breed these beasts while they are there? This system works in a similar way that Pokemon breeding functions in the Pokemon games. So if you were wondering how to do this, here’s what you need to know about beast offspring growth and use in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Beast Offspring Growth & Use
Hogwarts Legacy Beast Offspring Growth & Use

Do Hogwarts Legacy Offsprings Grow Up?

To be able to get the magical beasts to breed, you will first need to have both a male and a female beast of the same species. Then, conjure and place a Breeding Pen inside your Vivarium. After that, interact with the book in front of the Breeding Pen. It will show you the beasts that are applicable for breeding. All that’s left now is to wait for 30 minutes until you receive an offspring.

Now that you’ve gotten a baby beast, you’re probably wondering – do beast offspring grow in Hogwarts Legacy? The answer is, sadly, they do not. At least, not yet. As such, you can’t use them as mounts, either. There’s always the chance that this system is going to be expanded in some way in a future update or DLC.

How to Use Beast Offspring in Hogwarts Legacy

Well, if you can’t get them to grow, or to ride them, what’s the point of even breeding the beasts in the first place if they are going to be stuck in infant form? Well, while they are babies, you can still use them to produce resources, and you can also sell them. You can sell them at the same place as you would grown-up beasts – at the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade.

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