Fix Hogwarts Legacy Stuck in Game, Can't Move or Fast Travel

Are you stuck behind invisible walls, barrels, rocks or other objects in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy is a massive open-world RPG with a myriad of locations to explore, from the smallest rooms to the biggest dungeons and forests. Unfortunately, with this level of freedom in a game, you can sometimes get physically stuck in an infinite loop of falling through the map. If you are stuck, can’t move or fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy, we have a few possible solutions.

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Fix Hogwarts Legacy Stuck in Game, Can't Move or Fast Travel
Hogwarts Legacy Stuck in a barrel (Image Credit: Hasquitor via Steam Forums)

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Stuck in Game, Can’t More of Fast Travel Issue

We’ve all experienced it before, at least a couple of times – being physically stuck in a game. This is especially the case with open-world games. Because there not every part of the game is carefully crafted to perfection to avoid such things. And oftentimes, the most adventurous players among us are the biggest victims of this. We try to climb every hill, get behind every wall and pile of rubbish, and crawl through narrow passages which obviously lead to nowhere. Thus, if you are stuck in a crack, wall, barrel, or anywhere else in Hogwarts Legacy, read on!

Fortunately, there are a few possible solutions for those of you who can’t move or fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy. Mind you, these are all solutions provided by some community members. And given that we haven’t been stuck yet, we can not confirm whether they work. But if you are stuck, it’s definitely worth trying.

“If you save your game and then reload, you won’t respawn on the exact place you got stuck at,” says Reddit user u/DarkFlyingApparatus. If this doesn’t work for you, there’s another possible solution. “Go to your menu, on your character, press “F” to load the game; it will show you all auto load slots,” suggests AdPuzzleheaded544. “You can select the one before you were stuck and continue! Just try not to get stuck again!”

Hogwarts Legacy Stuck in Infinite Loop Falling Through The Map

For those of you who are stuck in an infinite loop of falling through the map, here’s what has worked for some players. “What worked for me, wait till you are no longer falling, then you can press Tab and use your broom. This way, you can fly all the way up,” says Reddit user Dimmie1337.

For now, these are all the solutions we’re aware of. If these don’t work for you, hopefully, the developers will release a fix soon. If you know any other solutions for these issues, share them with us in the comments!

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