Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Goblin Camp Ball Locations

If you’re struggling with where to find the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Goblin Camp ball locations, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. One of them really is well-hidden in a spot that you’d easily miss unless you were walking around and spamming Revelio. With that said, let’s see where those balls are and how to solve this Merlin Trial puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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hogwarts legacy merlin trial goblin camp ball locations
Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Goblin Camp Ball Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Balls for Goblin Camp Puzzle

There are three ball locations in the Goblin Camp Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy. The first one is just behind the double gates south of the plate you need to stand on to activate the Trial. Interact with the gates to open them, and then cast Accio on the group of balls. It will affect the whole bunch; you don’t need to move them one by one. Use the spell to slowly guide them towards the slot they go into. If you go too fast, you might break the spell and trigger the Merlin Trial bug where the balls refuse to budge. The slot is right next to the gates, by the way. The second set of stone balls is in the western corner of the camp. They are scattered around the engine at the bottom of the tower.

The third and final ball location in the Goblin Camp Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial is actually outside the camp itself. Use the exit to the north and then walk around the fence to the south. Use Revelio to spot the slot. The balls themselves are actually under the large rock next to the slot. As you walk around the rock, you’ll find one side covered with leaves. Use Incendio to burn them away, then simply Accio the balls into the slot. After that, a brief cutscene should play out, signaling your success. That’s all there is to it! And as for the goblins in the camp, there’s only, like, four of them. Wipe them out or sneak around, up to you.

goblin camp hogwarts legacy merlin trial ball locations
Under a large rock outside the camp
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