Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus, How to Cast Stealth Kill

Most of the offensive spells in Harry Potter (and, by extension – in Hogwarts Legacy) are used to incapacitate the opponent. Usually, this means disarming them, or levitating them in the air, confusing them, and so on. Though, if you don’t act fast enough, chances are that the enemy in question will get back up and continue fighting. However, there are some spells that can be used to immediately stop them in their tracks. One of these is the Petrificus Totalus spell, which you get from the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. This spell allows you to perform a stealth kill if you cast it under the right circumstances. Here’s how to cast Petrificus Totalus and get a stealth kill in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus, How to Cast Stealth Kill
Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus, How to Cast Stealth Kill

How to Cast Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy

The first step is to, of course, unlock the spell itself. Once you have done that, the next step requires that you turn invisible. You can do this either by drinking an Invisibility Potion, or by unlocking and using the Disillusionment spell. In any case, once you meet all these prerequisites, go invisible and sneak behind an unsuspecting enemy.

If you have done this correctly, you will get a prompt that says “Petrificus Totalus”. Then, depending on which gaming platform you are playing Hogwarts Legacy on, press the corresponding button (X or Circle for consoles and F on the PC) and your character will automatically cast this spell. If the enemy in question is smaller in size and strength (such as most goblins and wizards), they will die immediately, while more powerful opponents will simply take a great deal of sneak attack damage, but will still remain alive. To make this spell even more potent, you can get the Petrificus Totalus Mastery perk (it will become available once you reach Level 22), which can do this to several characters at once.

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