Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Grace Choice, Give, Keep or Ask Money

Should you keep Lost Astrolabe or give it to Grace Pinch-Smedley in Hogwarts Legacy? Or should you maybe ask for money? Grace Pinch-Smedley is a quest-giving student, which you’ll stumble upon standing on a jetty at the lake. Once you return her Astrolabe, you can decide what to do with it. Read on to learn about Lost Astrolabe Grace’s choice differences and consequences.

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Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Grace Choice, Give, Keep or Ask Money
Hogwarts Legacy Return the Astrolabe or Keep It?

Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Grace Pinch Smedley Choices – Give, Keep or Ask for Money

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll meet Grace Pinch-Smedley on the lake’s dock. She’ll tell you about her grandparents and their love for stars. Unfortunately, you’ll also hear about their tragic end at the bottom of the lake. The lost astrolabe has also sunk with them. And given that Grace has promised her father not to get into the lake, she’ll ask you if you could find it and bring it back to her.

Now, we will not go deeper into the process of returning the Astrolabe, as that’s not the topic of this guide. Rather, we will only focus on the choices you will be presented with once you bring back the Astrolabe. Here they are:

  • I did – here you are.
  • I did. And it’s your – for a price.
  • I did. And I’m keeping it.

Is there any difference between these three Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Grace Pinch-Smedley choices? Unlike most other dialogue choices in the game, here, there actually are some minor differences! If you give back the Lost Astrolabe to Grace without asking for money, she will be forever grateful, and you’ll receive 180 XP. If you ask for money, she’ll give you 20 gold, and you’ll get a small amount of XP.

Finally, if you decide to keep it, Grace will be extremely angry and disappointed. In turn, you’ll get to keep the Pinch Smedley family astrolabe and receive 45 XP. With that said, our “Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Grace Choice, Give, Keep or Ask Money” guide is completed.

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