Best Spell Combos Hogwarts Legacy

There are dozens of prominent spells in the Harry Potter setting, and many of these have made their way to Hogwarts Legacy. While every spell has its place and use in the game, some spells can – and really should – be used in tandem to create powerful spell combos that can quickly and reliably take out even the strongest of enemies. To help you figure out what is the best spell setup in Hogwarts Legacy, we are going to show you the spells that synergize with each other the most, in this Best Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy guide.

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Best Spell Combos Hogwarts Legacy
Best Spell Combos Hogwarts Legacy

Best Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many, many spells in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes both purely offensive spells such as Petrificus Totalus, Unforgivable Curses (Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperius), and utility spells such as Lumos. Of course, many of these are used both in combat as well as puzzle-solving. So what are some of the best spell sets in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, let’s see:

  • Levioso + Basic Cast + Accio + Incendio. Great for when you are attacked by multiple enemies at once. The idea here is to levitate an enemy so that it is temporarily out of the fight and more susceptible to attacks, while accio makes them move closer to you so that you can finish them off with an Incendio burst.
  • Accio + Basic Cast + Depulso + Incendio. With this combo, you can set enemies ablaze with Incendio and then use Depulso or Accio as needed to make them bump into other foes, setting them on fire as well.
  • Expelliarmus + Basic Cast + Depulso + Levioso. The idea here is to disarm your enemies – thereby removing their ability to hurt you. With both Expelliarmus and Levioso, you can keep the enemy both helpless and prone to receiving even more damage from your basic attack.
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