Hogwarts Legacy Change Character Name Explained

Naming your character is one of the most important decisions we can make in a video game. This allows us to name our protagonist after – for example – ourselves, or a famous historical or fictive character, or anything else we choose. Naturally, Hogwarts Legacy allows us to name our player character during character creation. And, since HL is a game that is filled with all sorts of customization options, players are wondering whether it is possible to change your character’s name further down the line. After all, in a game filled with magic where people can change their size, shape, even species, renaming a character seems relatively simple to do. Our Hogwarts Legacy Change Character Name Explained guide answers if this is something that you can do in the game, and if it is – how it functions.

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Hogwarts Legacy Change Character Name Explained
Hogwarts Legacy Change Character Name Explained

Can You Change Name in Hogwarts Legacy

Sadly, changing your name in Hogwarts Legacy after character creation isn’t something that you can do. Once you select your name and press the “Start Your Journey” button, you will no longer have the option to change your mind about how you want your character to be called. So make sure that you have chosen a nice and fitting name for your protagonist, since there’s no way to rename them later on. Of course, it is always possible that this option is going to be added to the game via some future patch and that you’ll be able to change your character’s name then. But, as it stands right now, this currently isn’t possible.

If this feature gets added, we will update this guide. Luckily, there are still many customization options in the game. You’ll be able to change your character’s appearance, their hairstyle, and even change how their gear looks like.

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    So it is possible to change your character name with a Hex Editor by editing the save file. HOWEVER, it changes your in-game name and unfortunately it does not change the name on the Character Select page. If that’s possible with the Hex editor I haven’t found it yet

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