Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials Bugged, Can't Move Balls Fix

In our Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials Bugged, Can’t Move Balls Fix guide, we will explain how to get rid of these glitches. We will also tell you which circumstances you might encounter the bug in. It’s annoying to get stuck on something so simple, but it is what it is. Let’s begin.

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hogwarts legacy merlin trials bugged cant move balls fix
Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials Bugged, Can’t Move Balls Fix

Merlin Trials Bugged in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the bugged Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy where you can’t move balls is the fourth trial in Lower Hogsfield. There, you need to move a large round stone from its “perch” into the hole below. It seems easy, and there are actually two ways to solve it. One is to hit it with Depulso, which shoves objects away from you. As long as you are precise, this is the way to go. If you don’t have Depulso, you can instead use Levioso on the rock to lift it and then Accio to slowly guide it to the hole. And I do mean slowly; if you move too far, the spell will break, and then you’re in trouble.

The main way that bugged Merlin Trials manifest in Hogwarts Legacy is when you can’t move the balls you need to complete the challenge. This can happen from the very beginning, where no matter which spell you throw at the boulder, it refuses to budge. Or, you might have moved the aforementioned large rock with Accio, but broke contact by moving too far. The ball fell and now no spell has effect. The only fix we’ve found is restarting the game. Fast-traveling away and back doesn’t work, nor does using a different spell. If you’ve found a different, less annoying fix than restarting, let us know in the comments. You would save both us and other players a headache.

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  1. E

    So cast accio, uncast accio when right next to the ball also works. Then nudge it with your body and keep trying till it actually moves with the spell.

    It’s dumb but it works.

  2. N

    Hit the ball consecutively with your regular attacks and do the full combo. The last hit will make the ball jump.

    1. M

      Good your trick did work for me. On the last hir combo the ball moved and went by itself to the location needed lol

    2. M
      Mikella Moran

      Yessss finally thank u so much

    3. A
      A witch

      Thanks! It worked like a charm! Pun intended..

  3. J

    Hitting with your broom works, then incendio a few times.

    1. S

      Dumb force with the broom did the trick. Took a lot of tries tough

  4. B

    The boulder is completely missing for me. I have run all around the area looking for it and it is just not the. Help please.

  5. C

    Save the game, then just go to start from last game and it resets the ball and the spells will work.

  6. C

    So I nudged the ball down the hill and just let it roll…

    It got wedged against the fence down there or something and just catapulted out into the lake… Like… wayyyyy tf out in the lake 100s of yards away

    Will it come back?!?!?

  7. S

    So I started using accio to move the ball, and much like someone else mentioned- it started moving down the cliff and then flung high up into the air and far out into the lake 😂

    1. K

      Hi, I had a similar issue – during usage of accio, the ball just dodged somhear and I could not find it. The above described method of saving, exiting and reloading game, really did the trick – the ball returned)

  8. T

    You need to go to the Merlin trial leaf pad and activate the trial first or you will encounter this issue.

  9. R

    Don’t break the small piece of statue between the stone slab pieces and the ball will move freely. Once the small statue is broken it’ll stop moving.

  10. P

    I charged the ball with my Graphorn and it went flying straight into the hole lol

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