Use Rowland's Map to Follow His Trail Hogwarts Legacy

During “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” quest, you are going to be tasked with finding out what happened to Rowland Oakes, the uncle of your fellow student, Adelaide Oakes. The quest will take you to his campsite, where you’ll discover a map. You need to follow this map in order to progress the quest further. The problem here is that the directions are very vague, so you can easily get lost. To help you complete this quest without too much trouble, we are going to show you the solution for the “Use Rowland’s Map to follow his trail” portion of the Rowland Oakes quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes Map to Follow His Trail Solution
Hogwarts Legacy Use Rowland’s Map to Follow His Trail Solution

Use Rowland’s Map to Follow His Trail in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you take on the quest and find Rowland’s campsite, you will see that it is crawling with Goblins. Take them all out. Explore the campsite and you will soon discover a map on top of a crate there. Read it. It is a drawing of where you need to go next. The red line represents the route you have to take and the X, as they say, marks the spot. Now, while the route may seem confusing, it’s actually pretty simple once you realize what it is you need to do here.

Get on your broom and start flying. What you want to do here is to go west and keep following the river. Do this until you have come to an old abandoned keep. For the sake of convenience, we have marked this location in the screenshot below. Once you arrive at this spot, the quest will progress to the next objective – Enter the Goblin Outpost. Get ready for a fight, as this place has a lot of enemies. But it’s where you’ll be able to find and free Rowland to complete the quest.

Rowland Oakes location
Rowland Oakes location
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