Hogwarts Legacy Sky Scythe Broom Location

Flying brooms are one of the most important tools in any Wizard’s arsenal. Much more than a mere transportation device, they also function as an indicator of prestige, with wealthier and more powerful mages having better and more expensive brooms. There are several magical brooms that you can get in Hogwarts Legacy, and while most of them are easy to get, there is a standout broom that’s a bit more complicated to acquire – the Sky Scythe Broom. To be able to get the Sky Scythe Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll first need to know its location. Here’s where that is.

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Hogwarts Legacy Sky Scythe Broom Location
Hogwarts Legacy Sky Scythe Broom Location

How to Get the Sky Scythe Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

To get the Sky Scythe Broom, you need to go to the North Ford Bog area. Specifically, in the eastern portion of the map there. We have marked the exact location in the screenshot gallery. The person you are looking for is Leopold Babcocke. He is the proprietor of the Wanderer Shop there. This is where you are going to be able to purchase the Sky Scythe Broom. Its description reads: “An agile broom for the flyer who wants to look impressive when demonstrating their myriad skills.”

Naturally, a broom of this caliber doesn’t come cheap. You will need to pay 5000 Galleons if you want to get it. This is a considerable amount of money, so make sure that you have sufficient funds before heading there. If you are short on cash, there are several good ways to farm money in the game. This includes taming beasts, and then selling the ones you don’t want, and selling your excess gear. You will also get more than enough opportunities to earn money and other rewards from all the various quests in the game, so simply keep on progressing through the game until you have enough money for the Sky Scythe Broom.

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