Hogwarts Legacy Witch or Wizard Dormitory Choice Explained

In our Hogwarts Legacy Witch or Wizard Dormitory Choice Explained guide, we are going to tell you whether you should choose witch or wizard during character creation and what the differences are. Obviously, you should go with your personal preference, but I know some of you might be scared that you’ll miss out on something. So, let’s break it down.

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hogwarts legacy witch or wizard dormitory choice explained
Hogwarts Legacy Witch or Wizard Dormitory Choice Explained

Should you Choose Witch or Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

Aside from which dormitory you sleep in, it absolutely does not matter whether you choose to be a witch or a wizard in the Hogwarts Legacy character creator. Before that step, you can modify your magic user however you please. You can make a more masculine-presenting character or a more feminine-presenting one, it doesn’t matter. Again, the dorm is the only real difference. Well, that and the fact that the clothing you find in the chests in the open world do tend to skew towards skirts if you choose a witch instead of a wizard. It becomes unnecessarily difficult to obtain pants, for example. Gameplay-wise, though, there are no differences as far as we could tell.

With all of that said, your choice between witch and wizard in Hogwarts Legacy is final. You unfortunately can’t swap between the two once you’ve begun to play the game proper. The same is true for your character’s overall appearance, aside from the hair. The restriction might seem unnecessary to some of you, and I do agree, but I assume there are some limitations in how the game is coded that prevents you from switching from witch to wizard and vice versa. Whatever the case may be, here’s what you need to keep in mind when making the choice: one, the differences are fairly negligible, and two, the choice can’t be reversed once you start playing.

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