Hogwarts Legacy Xbox Character Naming Issue, Can't Type Name Bug Fix

Before we can properly start our adventures in Hogwarts Legacy, we first need to finish character creation. This involves choosing how our character looks like, how they sound like, their gender, and, of course, naming them. In fact, you cannot begin the game without inputting a name for your player character. However, for some Xbox players, this isn’t something that they can do. Instead, they can’t type the name, and, consequently, start playing the game. If you have been having trouble with the can’t type your character name bug in Hogwarts Legacy on the Xbox, we’re going to show you how to fix this bothersome character naming issue.

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Hogwarts Legacy Xbox Character Naming Issue, Can't Type Name Bug Fix
Hogwarts Legacy Xbox Character Naming Issue, Can’t Type Name Bug Fix

How to Fix Xbox Naming Character Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

The problem here arises from the fact that, when you try to interact with the text box for naming your character, the keyboard doesn’t show up. In effect, this means that you can’t name your protagonist and begin the game and are stuck at the character creation screen. So, what can you do here? Luckily, there are several methods you can try out to type in your name and get past character creation.

The first method you can try out is to restart your Xbox. Several players have reported that they managed to get it working after that. The next method requires you to plug in a keyboard into your Xbox. Doing this will allow you to use that keyboard to type in the character’s name. Some players have reported that plugging in an external keyboard allowed them to then use the Xbox controller to type in their name like they normally would. Hopefully, one of these solutions will work for you. If the game still isn’t allowing you to type in your name, then the only thing left is to contact Hogwarts Legacy support for further assistance with this issue. Once you have resolved this issue, you may be wondering whether you can rename your character later. We have written a guide that explains if it is possible to change your character’s name.

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    We tried to plug in a keyboard, including an Apple one and it proceeded to not work. Thought about deleting it and re-downloading it; which would take forever. So we unplugged it from the wall, plugged it back in and the game started to work.

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