Hide and Seek Honkai Star Rail

Finding the three Hide and Seek Honkai Star Rail hidden children locations is one of the steps in this quest. Hence the name. You have a limited area in which to find the kids, and the first two are relatively simple. They’re okay at hiding at best. However, the third one does a much better job, to say the least. With that said, let’s dive straight in.

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hide and seek honkai star rail hidden children locations
Hide and Seek Honkai Star Rail Hidden Children Locations

Honkai Star Rail Hide and Seek Hidden Children Locations

There are three locations of hidden children you need to find to complete the Hide and Seek quest in Honkai Star Rail. We’re not counting the practice round, since the quest marker takes you straight to Hook. Anyways, the first place you need to look is to the left of the place you begin the hunt, to the south. Go down the path and keep an eye on the left. You’ll spot Hook next to some mine carts. Next up, had down the path in the northeast corner of the search area. You’ll find the Cunning Child hiding behind some boxes. These two are fairly easy, but the third one is going to be a tad more difficult.

The third and last of the hidden children locations in the Honkai Star Rail Hide and Seek quest has many people stumped, and for good reason. Julian is hiding in plain sight, but you’d never in a million years think of where to look. After you find the second kid, turn around. See that clearly adult man standing in the shadow of the building? That’s actually Julian. Yes, I’m serious. As soon as you come close to the guy, March will note that something is definitely off, and the child will drop the disguise during a cutscene. That ends this step of the quest, and we’ll leave the rest of it to you.

Third “child” location
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