Is HSR Firefly Sam, the Stellaron Hunter?

With the release of Honkai Star Rail 2.0, an interesting fan theory has been intoduced – is Firefly Sam the Stellaron Hunter in HSR? So while this may appear to be a wild theory with no strong basis at first, it very well could be the truth. In this article, we are going to go over the entire theory from start to finish, so you can make up your own mind if it is could be true or not. Also, needless to say, but – it’s all spoilers from this point on. So if you still haven’t had the chance to play through all of the new content in HSR 2.0, we recommend that you first play through and only then come back to read this.

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Is HSR Firefly Sam, the Stellaron Hunter
Is HSR Firefly Sam, the Stellaron Hunter?

Is Firefly A Stellaron Hunter Sam in Honkai Star Rail?

As of right now, we have absolutely no way to either confirm or deny this. So take all of this with a grain of salt and as simple theorycrafting. And now, let’s get right into it. There’s obviously a deep connection between Sam (aka – Samuel 4) and Firefly. It could be that Firefly is Sam’s real operator and pilot, while still havin’t the ability to act independantly from Samuel 4.

Basically, that Sam is a sort of physical anchor for Firefly. And that, after her apparent death, Sam is now acting independent of her. To further corroborate on this, in the trailer – Sam’s flames have the same color scheme as Firefly. Of course, all of this could be completely off base and just a simple coincidence. Still, this latest update has opened up a lot of questions regarding Honkai Star Rail’s lore and character. Questions such as Who Is Acheron, and if Robin is also dead or not. We are almost certainly going to get an answer to these questions soon – probably in the next update. Until then, what do you think about this theory, and what are the odds of it turning out to be true?

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