Is Robin Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

Now that HSR 2.0 is out, there is an event that has shocked many players and got them to wonder is Robin dead in Honkai Star Rail. A prominent NPC that made her first appearance in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6 “Crown of the Mundane and Divine” Special Program, she is a Halovian hailing from Penacony. Now, before we go any further, we need to point out that we are going to be dealing with some heavy spoilers in this article. If you still haven’t played through all the new content in the game, we recommend that you hold off on reading this article until you’ve had the chance to do so. And now, let’s see who Robin is and what her fate is in Honkai Star Rail.

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Is Robin Dead in Honkai Star Rail
Is Robin Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

Is Robin Dead in HSR?

Shortly after we’ve been introduced to Robin, we will get a scene with Aventurine. This upcoming playable character will point to a large bathtub. What follows then is a shocking reveal, in which we are going to see that Robin is lying there in a pool of water, with a large purple gash across her chest. After that, her body will vanish, disappearing into a cloud of bubbles. So, what happened to her and is she dead for real? Well, this is similar to another Honkai Star Rail NPC – Robin. And just like her, while we don’t yet know if they are actually gone for good or not, there’s a strong chance that we haven’t seen the last of them.

Will Robin Be Back in Honkai Star Rail Future?

Again, this is just pure speculation, but this could very well be the case. Both she and Robin died under very curious circumstances, so it’s quite plausible that their stories are going to continue in some way or another in a future update. And hopefully, this will be the same update that will tell us more about Acheron and what her whole deal is.

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