Best Starting Skills Horizon Forbidden West

Like most open-world games, Horizon Forbidden West has an eclectic selection of skills you can unlock and use. These dramatically alter the way the game is played, expanding what you can do and making you much more powerful. However, not all skills are equal, and this is especially true in the beginning, when you will be starved for skillpoints. To help you not waste those precious SP on suboptimal skills, our Best Starting Skills Horizon Forbidden West guide is here to tell you which skills are must-haves in the early game.

Best Starting Skills Horizon Forbidden West

What Are the Best Starting Skills to Pick in Horizon Forbidden West

There are six skill trees in HFW: Warrior, Trapper, Hunter, Survivor, Infiltrator, and Machine Master. Each of these represents an aspect of Aloy’s skillset. So, Infiltrator is all about stealth, Hunter for ranged combat, Trapper for traps, and so on. Every skill is beneficial to a certain degree, but, of course, some are better than others. Let’s start with the Warrior skill tree. The first pick here should be the Block Breaker skill. This does exactly what it says – it will break an enemy’s block when you are fighting them in melee. In the Hunter tree, the Concentration skill is a no-brainer, as it will increase your concentration limit. the Valor Surge Master allows you to increase your Valor faster, so it’s also a great pick.

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In the Survivor tree, an excellent early choice is the Potent Medicine skill. With this, Medicinal Berries will provide better and faster healing. Likewise, Medicine Capacity allows you to carry more Medicinal Berries. Moving on to the Infiltrator tree. The Silent Strike passive boost will increase your damage from Silent Strike. Works well with Quiet Spear, which reduces the noise you make from melee attacks. The Mounted Defense skill from the Machine Master tree will allow you to take less damage when on a mount (such as the Clawstrider), so it’s another nice pick.

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