Get Dyes, Change Armor Color Horizon Forbidden West Outfit Customization

You need to get dyes in Horizon Forbidden West to change armor color and for outfit customization. It’s not a pivotal mechanic in the game whatsoever. But hey, if you’re gonna save the world, might as well look snazzy, right? That’s why we’ve written this guide, in which we’ll show you how to obtain dyes and how to customize your armor color.

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get dyes change armor color horizon forbidden west outfit customization
Get Dyes, Change Armor Color Horizon Forbidden West Outfit Customization

How to Change Armor Color in Horizon Forbidden West

To change your armor color in Horizon Forbidden West, and get use out of dyes, you need to look for a dyer. Their map icon is a mortar and pestle (aka a bowl with with a little thing sticking out), and the first one you’re likely to encounter is Gana in Plainsong. You’ll find the dyer in the west of the city, near the local Stitcher. Talk to Gana and peruse her wares. Choose the dye that you want to apply, pay the price, and that’s all there is to know about outfit customization. Keep in mind that you’ll always have to pay for changing your outfit color, even after you’ve already bought a dye. Incidentally, you can earn a trophy for using dye flowers to unlock and apply a new dye, which brings us to our next point.

How to Get New Dyes in Horizon Forbidden West

To get new dyes in Horizon Forbidden West and change your armor color and for general outfit customization, you’ll have to collect dye flowers, or dye blooms. These flowers grow all over the map, mostly on the sides of large rocks and cliffs. In fact, you’ll likely collect some of them way before you unlock access to the first dyer. So, whenever you see some flowers sticking out of a rock wall, make sure to pick them, and you’ll always have some fun dyes at your disposal. Here are the blooms you can find:

  • Azure bloom
  • Crimson bloom
  • Golden bloom
  • Midnight bloom
  • Pale bloom
  • Verdant bloom
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