Upgrade Pouches Horizon Forbidden West Increase Inventory Size

Being an open-world action-adventure game, Horizon Forbidden West is full of things that you can pick up. These include machine parts, herbs, and other such resources. You will need these to craft things such as traps and ammo. However, you can only have a set amount of these in your inventory. That is, if you do not upgrade your pouches to increase inventory size in Horizon Forbidden West. This is a process in itself, and we will explain how it works.

Upgrade Pouches Horizon Forbidden West Increase Inventory Size

How to Increase Inventory Horizon Forbidden West Pouch Upgrade

In Horizon Forbidden West, you have several pouches. Each of these holds a set amount of specific items in it, such as bombs, shredders, spike throwers, etc. Without upgrading each of these, you can only hold a small number of these items at any given time. Thus, it benefits you to upgrade your pouches and increase your inventory size – since by doing so, you also have an expanded range of tools and options at your disposal. To do this, first, find a Workbench that you can use. Once you activate it, scroll down to the “Pouch Upgrades” tab.

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In here, you will see all the pouches. Each of them can be upgraded several times. Every upgrade requires Metal Shards and other resources – which are different for every pouch. For example, the Level 1 upgrade for the Potion Pouch requires 25 Metal Shards and x2 Squirrel Hides. When you upgrade it, you will be able to carry five potions instead of three. Continuing with this example – the Metal Shards are not a problem, but where can you find Squirrels? Well, you can set this to be your active quest. Then, go into your quest tab. You can find this upgrade here and the game will tell you the areas where you can find Squirrels, and even highlight the areas with this animal that are closest to you. All that’s left is to go there, locate some of these critters, and get their pelts for the upgrade.

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