Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory Quest

Ancient armory is one of the side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn. It starts either when you find your first power cell, or the secret bunker holding the Ultraweave armor. In order to complete it, you’ll need to find all the power cells, solve the holo lock puzzles in the bunker and grab the armor. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Horizon Zero Dawn ancient armory quest.

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How to complete Ancient Armory side quest

You’ll need to collect 5 power cells in order to start solving the puzzles. They’re all locked in main mission areas, except for the first one. If you miss them, you can return later, so don’t worry about getting them the first time. Here’s where you can get them, and if you need detailed instructions, check out our power cell locations guide:

  • Power cell #1 – Located in the ruins you fell into as a child
  • Power cell #2 – Womb of The Mountain mission
  • Power cell #3 – Maker’s End quest
  • Power cell #4 – The Grave-hoard quest
  • Power cell #5 – The Mountain That Fell mission

When you’ve got them all, head into the bunker. Place them into the mechanisms, and you’ll have to solve the two holo lock puzzles. They’re pretty straightforward – the first requires you to set according to times of day, the second shows angle values.

Solving both of them will open up the enclosure and let you grab the Shield-weaver armor. It’s one of the best armors in the game – it has a force field around it, which blocks all incoming damage until it’s out of juice. When the blue glow turns red, you’re going to start taking damage until the shield is recharged. The glow is a bit distracting during cutscenes, but it provides so much protection that it’s worth putting up with.

horizon zero dawn ancient armory quest
Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory Quest