Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory Quest

Ancient armory is one of the side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn. It starts either when you find your first power cell, or the secret bunker holding the Ultraweave armor. In order to complete it, you’ll need to find all the power cells, solve the holo lock puzzles in the bunker and grab the armor. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Horizon Zero Dawn ancient armory quest.

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How to complete Ancient Armory side quest

You’ll need to collect 5 power cells in order to start solving the puzzles. They’re all locked in main mission areas, except for the first one. If you miss them, you can return later, so don’t worry about getting them the first time. Here’s where you can get them, and if you need detailed instructions, check out our power cell locations guide:

  • Power cell #1 – Located in the ruins you fell into as a child
  • Power cell #2 – Womb of The Mountain mission
  • Power cell #3 – Maker’s End quest
  • Power cell #4 – The Grave-hoard quest
  • Power cell #5 – The Mountain That Fell mission

When you’ve got them all, head into the bunker. Place them into the mechanisms, and you’ll have to solve the two holo lock puzzles. They’re pretty straightforward – the first requires you to set according to times of day, the second shows angle values.

Solving both of them will open up the enclosure and let you grab the Shield-weaver armor. It’s one of the best armors in the game – it has a force field around it, which blocks all incoming damage until it’s out of juice. When the blue glow turns red, you’re going to start taking damage until the shield is recharged. The glow is a bit distracting during cutscenes, but it provides so much protection that it’s worth putting up with.

horizon zero dawn ancient armory quest
Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory Quest



  1. B

    What happens if I miss the second power cell during Womb of the Mountain? I didn’t pick this quest up until after I’d already completed that quest and now the gate back up to the temple is locked.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You can come back to the mountain and reenter that area I think.

      1. B

        I tried, got was sealed, I can enter the village but not go up the path 🙁

        1. C

          Any luck on this? I’m having the same issue. I’m a level 20 done a few quests, I already have the Ancient Armory Quest open but I still can’t go back to the womb of the mountain. It’s like you said, I can go to the 1st gate but the 2nd gate to head up the trail is closed.

          1. E

            Once you quick travel there head across the bridge outside and then turn around and go back. The gate should be open.

          2. C

            You’ll have to go there at night. The gate is closed during the day.

          3. S

            Like evilmunky said… if you fast travel there, you have to leave the area and cross the bridge. Then you can run back and the gate will be open.

    2. B

      i don’t know how but when i went out trying to glitch jump over the gate from outside the castle then came back i found it open by it self

  2. M

    After the Quest „The Heart of the Nora“ at the end of the Story its open again

    1. B

      So in reality, it’s probably better for me to restart so i can get the armour earlier in the game than wait until the end.

      1. E

        If you did not collect the Power Cell during the quest you can return to Mother’s Watch at night to get back into the All-Mother Temple. Just wait for night, leave the area (across the bridge is fine) go back and the gate is open. worked for me.

      2. A

        You can’t get the armor until wicked late game anyway. One of the required power cells is super late in the game.

      3. @Butt Stallion >>> There’s actually 5 power cells you need to get in to the room with the armor. If you use your FOCUS to look inside the room in the armory, you will see a second control panel with three more empty cell slots to open that locked bunker with the armor. You don’t get the last power cell until the third from last main story mission, The Mountain That Fell, anyway. I was able to get back in to Mother’s Watch by waiting til night at the campfire outside the gate, when it is open.

  3. S

    The Grave-hoard the power cell thats there its not there in its place

  4. S

    How can you make it up the Makers End again? Thank you!

  5. C
    Common sense

    You don’t need to restart. For some reason when you spawn at the campsite the gate is locked.. all you have to do is run to the bridge by the campfire …cross that bridge and run back. It’s a small glitch, but when you run back you will see the gate open from a distance

  6. S
    Stephen Nichols

    I finished the quest but when j picked up the armor it gave me shadow stalwart light instead of shield weaver, I went back to the suit to see if I just missed something but I can’t interact with the suit again, what did I do wrong?

    1. M

      It is given as a treasure box. Try looking through your inventory. It shouldn’t be in the outfits section, but in the boxes section.

  7. J

    I finished the quest, but somehow failed? The armor isn’t in my inventory and the quest is marked finished, but the “retrieve the ancient armor” is marked ith a red cross 🙁

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