Horizon Zero Dawn Stalker - How to defeat Invisible Machine

Stalkers are one of the many types of machine animals that you’ll have to fight in Horizon Zero Dawn. While they aren’t very resilient, their cloaking device and ranged weapons could present a problem. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Stalkers in Horizon Zero Dawn, which weapons to use and what the best strategies are.

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Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Stalker
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Stalker

How to fight stalkers

Stalkers might seems scary, but they’re not really so tough. The main issue with them is that they can turn almost invisible thanks to their Stealth Generators on their sides. You can just barely make them out as outlines when they’re invisible. Their other strengths are the Dart Gun and Mine Launcher, which can seriously hurt you from afar. That said, they are pretty squishy overall, so they shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Their outer casing is weak to Shock, so that’s your main advantage. You can also use teardown arrows to hit their Stealth Generators and disable them. Same goes for the dart gun. It’s on their back, and it’s also vulnerable to tear. Now that they’re largely helpless other then the Mines (which they drop when you come in close quarters), you can bring on the pain. You can either shoot them with Shock arrows or bombs from your Sling. Also, you can set a Shock or Blast trip wire and then lure them in. Shock will incapacitate them, allowing you a critical hit. Repeat until the Stalker drops.

If you’ve advanced far enough into the story, you might have gotten the Lightning Spear from Sylens. When you do, Stalkers become a joke. As soon as you see one, you can just run over and start wailing on it. The Shock damage will keep them stunned, so you’ll make very short work of them, especially if you use critical hits.

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