Horizon Zero Dawn Behemoth and Stormbird Machine Overview Trailers

Surviving in the machine world takes a lot of knowledge and skill. To make it a bit easier on yourself and Aloy, the machine trailers feature some important facts. After the first overviews of Thunderjaw & Snapmaw, there’s two new ones, for Behemoth & Stormbird. Prepare for the fight by finding out their strengths and weaknesses.

Behemoth Overview

Unlike some of the machines, Behemoth can use the environment against the player. Its gravity purge attack raises up the boulders from the ground and shoots them towards the player. It seems the dodging mechanic will be pretty fun to use. Bringing down canisters on its back should be the first step in the battle. The two hinges that hold the large belly container are hard to aim at, however. The Behemoth gets a whole other look once you release him from the bounds of the large canister.

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  • Type: Transport
  • Habitat: All Terrain
  • Challenge Level: 25 (dangerous)
  • Combat Range Weaponry: Gravity Boulder Throw, Grinding Shrapnel Blast
  • Combat Melee: Charge Attack, Charging Quake Smash, Quake Smash
  • Special Ability: Gravity Purge
  • Vulnerabilities: Gravity Generators, Cryo Canisters to freeze it
  • Tactics: Shoot hinges to remove cargo container

Stormbird Overview

Stormbird, as the name suggests, is a flying machine. Just like the other combat units, it has a vast array of abilities. The approach you want to push here is to take out its engines first. They are located under its wings. Once you disable its fly mode, you can proceed to take out the lighting gun. Unlike the other machines, Stormbird’s vulnerable spots are way less noticeable. To defeat it, you’ll need to be extra precise.

  • Type: Combat
  • Habitat: All Terrain (Open Areas)
  • Challenge Level: 27 (Highly Dangerous)
  • Combat Range Weaponry: Shock Blast, Shock Burst, Thunder Bomb Run, Hurricane Blast
  • Combat Melee: Beak Smash, Jumping Claw Slash, Thunder Rush, Tail Lash
  • Special Ability: Thunder Crash
  • Vulnerabilities: Removing Engines
  • Tactics: Destroying Lighting Gun

Behemoth and Stormbird overviews came after the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw ones. In some ways, these two groups are similar. In total, we got to know four large and vicious machines in total. It is a good start.

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