Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Behemoth

Behemoths are a type of robot animal you’ll have to fight in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a fearsome adversary, with a whole host of devastating attacks. It resembles a rhino, but it’s much larger and much more powerful. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Behemoth in Horizon Zero Dawn, which tactics to use, and so on.

Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Behemoth
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Behemoth

How to Defeat Behemoth in Terror of the Sun Quest

The Behemoth has a vast array of ways to mess you up. Its charge attacks will kill you in one or two hits, and if that fails, it can hurl huge boulders at you, or pelt you with a shower of smaller rocks. In other words, the most important thing you want to do is to stay on the move. Also, prepare for a long battle. Never get cocky and try to do more damage than it’s worth. If the Behemoth is gearing up to attack, run and dodge immediately. Also, never attempt to engage in close quarters.

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At the beginning of the fight in the Terror of the Sun quest, you need to get your weapons back. Simply stand behind one of the pillars in the arena, then wait for the Behemoth to ram into it. As soon as you hear it preparing to charge, run away from the pillar, since the impact can still hurt you. Then do the same thing again with a second pillar.

Once you have your weapons back, it’s time to engage. There’s two possible ways to go about this For the first one, your two main weapons should be Tear arrows and anything that does Shock damage. Use Shock bombs, arrows and/or tripwires to wear the Behemoth down. Then, concentrate your Tear arrows (Precision arrows will do in a pinch) on the yellow canisters (Power Loaders) on both sides of the beast’s head. If you use one of the Shock arrows on the power cell behind its head, you can do some serious electrical damage to it. If you have some Freeze arrows, you can hit those canisters on the robot’s hips.

The other strategy that worked really well for us is to use the Ropecaster with Tie Down ammo a lot. Shoot one side into the Behemoth and the other side into the ground. After about three or so such shots, the machine will be unable to attack you if you keep your distance, and you have free reign to wail on it with everything ranged you’ve got. The same targets and ammo from above still apply. You can also target the huge metal Crate Holder on its belly or just tear away its armor to do more damage. Use the Concentration skill to slow down time as you aim for more precise shots.

Once again, prepare yourself for a very long fight. Always remember to heal when you’re in trouble. There are some healing plants in the arena, as well as carcasses of other robots that you can scavenge for crafting parts. Trust me, you’ll want a lot of ammo for this one.

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  1. C

    hi Stefan,
    I’m a new gamer! And I’m old!! But loving it. Can’t believe how good the graphics are. My first game was Unchartered 4.
    Wonderful. And now Horizon Zero Dawn,.

    And I’m having a hell of a time killing that behemoth in the ring. Found your site. For what it’s worth, you write really well.
    Thanks for the tips. I just can’t get enough distance on the fool thing. I’m at level 30, but I still don’t know how to run and
    pan the camera at the same time; so I run around the arena but I never know where the louse is until it wallops me in the head. (I hope you’re laughing–I am.)

    1. J

      Thanks for those kind words, Cecilia! You’re never too old to be a gamer. Keep practicing that behemoth fight, you’ll get it eventually!

  2. N
    Nobody of Import

    Shame the developers mistook “difficulty” for “challenge”. This is a BITCH even on the lowest difficulty setting. So much for story, etc.

    One more fail in a wasteland of games that missed the point of being a game in the first place.

  3. K
    Kyle James Coffey

    Im sorry to say but you cant usr shock because its a strength u have to use everything but shock so fore or ice bevause it does more damage and shock does very little

  4. D

    Actually I just did it and only the fire bombs worked. I’m pretty bad with the arrows while running and I lost several times, but as soon as I used the fire bombs it was easier to kill

  5. G
    G S

    The game ramps up dificulty in a good liniar fashion, but this battle is too huge of a jump in difficulty. I simply didn’t have the experience and got stuck here. I’m going to have to completely start over because I was not prepared. Is there a way one another player can remote play this challenge for another player to get them past it?

    1. J

      Not that I know of, no.

    2. Y
      You Know Me

      I know how you feel. It’s an awesome game and it pained me to consider truly being stuck. My son recommended a trick. I used it with great success. Don’t use it if you feel it’s a cheat. Go to the options and change the game’s difficulty setting just for this fight. Set it to “story” mode where the battles are easier. Clear the battle to advance your game. Reset your difficulty to your previous setting.

    3. S

      i dont think there is but if you are not ready you can go to options and load game to an earlier time, you can use a fast travel pack to get out of that place and get some better weapons or practise at hunting grounds, you will need to go back and get captured and then get your weapons back again though.

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