Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quest Locations & Rewards

Side quests are missions you don’t have to finish to reach the end of the game in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are 20 of them, and you’ll need to complete them if you want the All Allies Joined trophy. In the list below, you can see all Horizon Zero Dawn side quests, their level requirements, locations where you can take them and the rewards.

Horizon Zero Dawn All Side Quest Locations and Rewards
Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

Side Missions in Horizon Zero Dawn

There are 20 of the side quests shown here. Almost all of them offer a decent amount of experience points. The best side quests like “Ancient Armory” and “Weapons of the Lodge” offers the best weapons and armor as the reward.

No.NameLevel LocationRewards
1In Mother’s Footsteps4Between Mother’s Heart and Watch
  • 1 000 xp
  • 1 Spear Damage Boost
2The Forgotten4Between Mother’s Heart and Watch
  • 1 000 xp
  • 1 Remarkable Reward Box
3Insult to Injury7East from Mother’s Rise
  • 2 330 xp
  • 1 Remarkable Reward Box
4Underequipped10Hunter’s Gathering
  • 2 500 xp
  • 1 Remarkable Reward Box
5Robbing the Rich12Meridian
  • 3 000 xp
  • 1 Remarkable Reward Box
6A Moment’s Peace12Meridian
  • 3 000 xp
  • 1 Extraordinary Reward Box
7Hunter’s Blind12Meridian
(After completed errand “Hunting for the Lodge”)
  • 3 000 xp
  • 1 Tearblaster Weapon Box
8Weapons of the Lodge15Meridian
  • Lodge Sling Weapon Box
  • Lodge War Weapon Box
  • Lodge Ropecaster Weapon Box
9Fatal Inheritance15Meridian
  • 2 500 xp
10A Daughter’s Vengeance15Mother’s Crown
  • 5 000 xp
11Honor the Fallen16Meridian
  • 5 330 xp
  • 1 Remarkable Reward Box
12Heap of Trouble17Free Heap
  • 4 250 xp
(after completed errand “Deadliest Game”)
  • 1 Skill Point
  • 6 330 xp
  • 1 Extraordinary Reward Box
14Sun and Shadow20Brightmarket
  • 5 000 xp
15Sunstone Rock20Sunstone Rock
  • 6 670 xp
  • 1 Extraordinary Reward Box
16Cause for Concern – Farewell20Given automatically upon clearing all Bandit Camps
  • 5 000 xp
17Traitor’s Bounty21Given automatically during the main quest “Deep Secrets of the Earth”
  • 7 000 xp
18Death From The Skies25Northwest from Free Heap
  • 6 250 xp
  • 1 Extraordinary Reward Box
19Ancient Armory25Given automatically upon finding a Power Cell
  • Shield-Weaver Outfit Box
20Queen’s Gambit28Given automatically upon completion of the side quest “Traitor’s Bounty”
  • 9 330 xp
  • 1 skill points

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    Theres a mistake on A Daughter’s Vengeance. Its in Mother’s Rise along with Insult to Injury

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    There are a total of 22 side quests. Please update.

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    Theres 2 side quests 1 is Blood on Stone at Cut Cliffs

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    An Aquired Taste…Banuk shams. Gives the quest bear Longgorn Site east is Sun-Steps Tallneck

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