Horizon Zero Dawn Choices - Flashpoints & Conversations

Flashpoints are moments when you get to make emotional choices in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can choose between three different options – Confront, Insight or Compassion. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about Horizon Zero Dawn choices and their consequences. Fair warning: the article does contain some big spoilers.

Horizon Zero Dawn Olin Flashpoint What to Choose
Horizon Zero Dawn Choices

Flashpoint choices in Horizon Zero Dawn

Flashpoints are basically an RPG element in the game. Depending on the situation, you get to choose how you’ll tackle any given problem. Choosing the Confront option results in Aloy tackling the issue directly, usually violently. Insight will give you a “clever, less obvious” solution, using brain over brawn. Finally, picking Compassion makes Aloy show mercy and generally behave in a more pacifist way.

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These choices in Horizon Zero Dawn are purely for role-playing. They are there so that you can create a more vivid connection with Aloy. Characters that you interact with in the game and even Aloy will reference your past choices. While Horizon Zero Dawn flashpoints might not affect the story in significant ways, they do an excellent job at selling you the immersion. Hearing characters talk about your actions that you might have even forgotten in the meantime makes you feel like you’re in a living, breathing world.

What to Choose in First Flashpoint

The first flashpoint choice comes near the beginning of the game. When Bast hits you with a rock, you’ll have three choices. Pick Confront, and you’ll fling a rock into his head. If you choose insight, you’ll hit his hand, making him drop his rock. Finally, choosing Compassion will make Aloy drop her rock, taking the pacifist route.

Depending on what you choose, your dialogue with Bast will change when you meet again years later during the Proving. For example, if you choose Insight, you’ll shoot down his bragging by reminding him of the time that you knocked a rock out of his hand.

All Allies Joined trophy conversation choices

All Allies Joined is a trophy you get if you manage to get all possible allies to join your last defense at the end of the game. This trophy hinges on Aloy’s actions, more specifically, whether or not you choose to complete their side missions. How you talk to them does not affect your ability to complete these quests, but still, be nice.

One choice in particular is interesting. At one point late in the game, you’ll corner Olin and have him at your mercy. Initially, all three flashpoint options are there. However, if you choose Insight, you’ll get a short conversation after which you’ll be forced to choose between Confront and Compassion. The game pretty match demands that you make a definite choice.

Confront will make Aloy put a (some might say well-deserved) end to Olin’s life. On the other hand, Compassion spares Olin and gives him a new lease on life. He vows that he will spend the rest of his life earning the mercy that you grant him. If you spare him, you’ll get a side quest to save his family from captivity. When you go to the designated location, he’ll offer you help with fighting the captors. Once you get rid of them, Olin will take his family and leave.

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