Horizon Zero Dawn How to Start Frozen Wilds DLC

Frozen Wilds is the new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. It adds a whole new area to the game, along with a bunch of quests, weapons and outfits. The area will be quite obvious when you open the map, and it’s easily accessible – you can just walk right in. However, doing this will leave you lost, feeling your way through the Cut. If you want to do it the proper way, you’ll want to talk to an NPC and get a quest. Players are having trouble finding these NPCs, as they’re not really in obvious places. That’s why we’ve decided to list their locations, and show you how to start Frozen Wilds DLC.

horizon zero dawn frozen wilds start quest
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Start Frozen Wilds DLC

Where to find Frozen Wilds starting quest?

In order to get the starting quest, Into The Frozen Wilds, you’ll have to talk to one of three NPCs. They’re placed strategically so you won’t have to travel far, no matter which part of the world you were in when you last played. There’s Ohtur, a merchant in Daytower, which is right in the middle of the map, in the passage between the cold areas in the east and the arid badlands of the west. There’s Rhavid, a noble scion near Meridian, in the southwestern part of the world. Finally, there’s Yariki, a traveler you can find by the road leading into the Cut, in the northeastern area.

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Talk to any one of them, and they’ll tell you about the plight of the Banuk in the far north. You will then have the perfect excuse to head up there yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

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