Destiny 2 PC Players Getting More Bans in Second Wave

A new wave of bans has hit the PC version of Destiny 2. Needless to say, many players are crying foul, claiming that they’ve been using completely innocent third party programs. However, it seems that Bungie is adamant that all the bans are legitimate, after thorough reviews.

Destiny 2 PC Players Getting More Bans in Second Wave
Destiny 2 PC Players Getting More Bans in Second Wave

Bungie has released a brand new wave of bans to Destiny 2 PC players, coinciding with the launch of Trials of the Nine in this version. It makes sense, considering that cheating completely uproots the whole point of the trials. However, just like with the first wave of Destiny 2 PC Bans, many players are completely outraged. A lot of people are claiming to be innocent; they’re saying that they have been using some third-party programs, but no cheating software. As a reminder, Bungie responded to the first wave of bans, and even removed some of them. However, they upheld the majority of the bans. This was a pretty interesting move, because the implication is that a lot of the players claiming innocence might have been playing dumb.

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So, one has to wonder, is the same happening again? Could it be that some of the affected players aren’t telling the truth? As Gamerant points out, gamers are claiming that the third party programs and apps have never caused any problems another games, such as Overwatch. On the other hand, Cozmo, the Community Manager at Bungie, tells a completely different story. He says: “We looked into it. Our recent wave of protective security measures were reviewed extensively and all were identified as having cheat tools running multiple times.”

It’s pretty much impossible to verify either version of the story, at least right now. This could either be gamers making false claims, or Bungie refusing to acknowledge their mistakes. Maybe it’s even a little bit of both. One thing is for sure, the situation is pretty ugly, and it’s not showing any signs of getting any better. Hopefully, whatever the case may be, the situation will resolve itself with the minimal ban body count.

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  1. D

    I have to say, as a long-time fan of Bungie, I am completely in awe and crushed by this. To not only be banned for doing nothing but playing the game, and then have no way of contacting Bungie to ask anything or even getting any notification… I mean, I am exaggerating but it really does feel a little dehumanizing. Needless to say I can’t ever trust Bungie for online games ever again.

    I am baffled, I am slight angry, but most of all and perhaps most tragically for the first time ever, an icon loses its status in my eyes and will always be remembered as the first time a game company made me shed a tear, even if it were only one.

    1. W

      I don’t think less of them at all, I always thought less of them 3-4 months after TTK all the cheating started in their competitive mode and they never did their homework and took a strong stance from the start on cheaters. I think its amazing how many compassionate people feel remorse for lowly individuals to play unfairly, brag, and all the while be a crap gamer all along. What it is, see is these retarded, dumb, and yes they are the stupidest people ever, got brave. Since bungie didn’t do their job they thought they could goto Blizzards Entertainment’s servers and cheat and get away with it, same as the console. The same blizzard that after all was said and done has banned over 300,000 people in a FPS just a little over a year ago. Believe me bungie is using their detection methods they are blizzard’s severs. And go look at the stink Blizzard’s gaming population caused over not wanting a cheating piece of crap community anywhere near them in the beginning. You definitely are either ignorant of what you talk about and haven’t played 200 hours plus legit as a destiny player like I have. Or either your just a cheater that got caught and playing the sympathy card. I have no remorse for these people and believed they are guilty after all the fake crap I’ve put up with over 3 years. Did I ever get compensated for the flawless trials run I got cheated out of 100 times or more. Where is my remorse? Where is my compassion? All I get is some rants from these pathetic people to get good and all the while there laughing in the back of their heads on the cheating they are doing. I’d say to Bungie that Im glad they finally grew a pair about damn time.

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