Horizon Zero Dawn How To Start New Game Plus

Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus mode went live with the 1.30 update. Starting it is a bit of a tricky process, but don’t worry. In this guide, we will show you how to start new game plus in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Horizon Zero Dawn How To Start New Game Plus Guide
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Start New Game Plus

How to begin New Game +

To even be eligible to start NG+, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Complete the main story campaign. This means getting the Ended the War Machine Threat trophy.
  • Install the latest update (patch 1.30).

If you’ve completed these two steps, and you still see New Game Plus greyed out in the main menu, do not worry. The next steps will ensure you can click it soon enough.

  • The third step requires you to load the save that has the main story completed. This is probably the one with the objective to rest before the final battle, during The Looming Shadow quest.
  • Once you’ve loaded this save, use the options button on the controller. It will turn on the in-game menu. Find and use the option to Create New Game + Loadout. Before you use this option, be sure that this is the save you want to transfer, as all items and skills will be copied to NG+.
  • This is where you find out whether you are eligible for New Game + or not. If you are, the information notes will tell you that you now have the option to replay the game.
  • Once you’ve created a New Game+ Loadout, return to the main menu. The previously greyed out New Game + option will now be the same color as the rest of them, and you’ll be able to select it!
  • The screen that lets you choose your difficulty will pop up next. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, you won’t be able to change it mid-game. The ultra hard difficulty unlocks one additional trophy and some new cosmetics.

HZD How to Start New Game Plus Mode

HZD New Game Plus Details

New Game + skips the intro where Aloy is a little girl. It places you right in front of your cabin, with the task to find Ros and continue with your adventure. This is a great time to visit the first bonfire and manually save the game. Although there is an auto save option, it is safer this way. This mode has its own save slots, and you won’t need to overwrite the old ones. These saves will also be labeled as New Game + ones.

To load up a New Game + save game, you need to do it from the main menu once again. You won’t see the NG+ files while you’re playing on a regular save.

HZD New Game + How to Start it Guide

  • This mode allows you to start over with all the skills and equipment from your previous playthrough (except those related to quests). If you were lower than level 50, you will continue to accumulate experience and skill points until you’ve reached the cap. However, if you are at maximum level, the experience gained will still be tracked using Ghost levels, awarded every 100000 XP.
  • New Game + Features:
    • New Adept weapons and outfits with extra modification slots
    • Chosen difficulty level is locked during NG+
    • Cosmetic rewards: face paints and new Focus elements for completion on hard difficulty levels. Complete on Ultra hard to unlock them all.
  • The data not transferred into NG+ includes collectibles, machine catalogue info, datapoints. Game Progression is wiped out, but you’ll still have the info regarding acquired weapons and outfits. The statistics won’t get wiped, which is a bit weird.
  • You can’t summon mounts at the start of NG+, as the skills required to do so are not accessible at that point.
  • There is also a renewed fog of war on the map. You’ll have to visit the Tallnecks once again.

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  1. E
    Eugene Carr

    I have followed your directions above but I do not get an entry on the menu that allows me to start the new game. What am I doing wrong?

    1. N
      Not Joe Blunt

      Same, I have the trophy Ended The Machine War, I have all of the trophies except the grazer dummies, i have the game updated, the NEW GAME+ is in my main menu, but create loadout option is not in my in game menu

      1. D

        If you have the updated game to where the menu at start shows NG+ option, you just need to load your old save up, as in actually start the game, and then press options. At that point you should see a create loadout option on menu.

        1. T

          Danielle, don’t work your solution, still can select NG+.

  2. Y

    I would like to know if anyone can shed some light on the “3” new “locked” skills in the skill tree….??

    1. E

      I don’t think they’re new skills – they’re just the existing Forager override-related skills that you automatically lose at the start of NG+, as it wouldn’t make sense to have them at that point in the storyline. You’ll have to carry out the associated quests to unlock them again. This must also be why you have 7 free skill points when you start NG+ – you’ve been given back the ones you used previously to unlock those skills.
      I think it’s always going to be tricky balancing existing skills with restarting a story from scratch in a NG+. I’ve only just started, but already there are some weird consequences – after I find and talk to Rost, it triggers a bunch of quests, but I already have everything for those (fire arrows, tripcaster etc.), so they immediately say “completed” and I get told to meet Rost somewhere else, even though he’s still standing beside me and telling me I need to gather stuff for those quests that I don’t need to do! I’ll persevere and hope there aren’t too many immersion breakers like that, and/or that Guerrilla iron out the glitches with subsequent patches. Looking forward to Frozen Wilds!

  3. S

    @Youdiemofo : they are not new skills. They are the ‘control mount’ skills mentioned in this article. They are progression locked, presumably until after you kill your first Corruptor- just like in your original playthrough.

  4. D

    Thanks, I’ve followed your steps and now i’m playing it on new game+
    its much harder but thankfully i got that super outfit, it makes things more manageable haha 😉

  5. A

    A friend loaned me the game. I Beat it, started as NG+ saved it.
    decided to buy It. Can’t use my saves. Every time i download saves from cloud, game will not see it and stay me from the beginning, overriding my save. Uninstalled both games (I thought not uninstalling game from friend’s disc would not necessitate reinstalling. It should just play… I was wrong), reinstalled Ann’s downloaded 1.43 update as well as my saves. Still here asking for help as it won’t read it. None of the steps on the net have worked yet. Thoughts?

    1. L

      Have you started the game on the same account or not? I have some similar problem, for example I can’t load the save between the same game, on the same account, if it is downloaded digitally or with a help of a disc. Maybe there some similar connection, which would be really weird.

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