Horizon Zero Dawn Introduces New Game+ and More in Patch 1.30

Horizon Zero Dawn’s new Patch 1.30 introduces New Game+, Ultra Hard difficulty, new face paint and Aloy’s focus options. This is a free update for everyone who has the game. It will benefit more those who’ve already completed the game, but others can also enjoy the new features.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Introduces New Game Plus and More in Patch 1.30
Horizon Zero Dawn Introduces New Game+ and More in Patch 1.30

Horizon Zero: Dawn 1.30 Patch Notes

The patch should be live for all regions, with the notes posted on the PlayStation Blog. To manually update the game, once in the menu, find Horizon Zero Dawn and press the Options button on your controller. Select the option “Check for Update”, and it will start the download. This is a small patch in size, just 300 MB. If you can’t see the patch 1.30 download in your notifications, the store in your area might need an update to roll in, but it should definitely be out today, July 6th.

  • New Game+ mode added, requires Main Quest completion
  • Additional difficulty level Ultra Hard added
  • 2 New Trophies added for New Game+ and Ultra hard difficulty.
  • Added Support for all EU and US text languages on EU and US SKUs
  • Crash and progression fixes
  • Extra unlockable content:
    • Updated versions of existing weapons and outfits with an extra modification slot.
    • Facepaint and new Aloy’s Focus

Horizon Zero Dawn New Game+ Details

As it was stated in the patch notes, in order to start the New Game+, you’ll need to complete the main quest and load the save that is made after that point. New Game+ allows players to replay the game without losing the character progression and inventory, including the best outfits like the power cell armor.

According to Guerrilla Games, players should also manually save their NG+ games, as they are different from the standard ones. One more note, if you decide to play New Game+ on Ultra Hard difficulty, you won’t have the option to switch over to a lesser difficulty. This option is only allowed if you had difficulty set on a less painful setting.

HZD New Patch 1.30 Trophies

There are two new trophies, and they don’t count towards the Platinum one. They are more of an addition to the 100% completion bar, as it will stand on 95% once you get the update. The two new trophies are:

  • New Game + Completed – Completed a New Game+ playthrough on any difficulty. Awards a bronze trophy.
  • Ultra Hard Completed – Completed a New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard Difficulty. Awards a silver trophy.

The “Frozen Wilds” DLC is in production at the moment. This was revealed during E3 2017, with the information revealed about its content including a compelling new story, a brand new area, new machines and more. The exact release date still remains unknown, but it will definitely be this year.

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