Super Mario Odyssey Getting Rid of 'Game Over' Screens

It seems that Super Mario Odyssey won’t ever have you see a ‘Game Over’ screen. Instead, whenever your health drops to zero, or you fall into a pit, you’ll lose ten coins. Even if you goof up with less than ten coins, there’ll still be no Game Over for you. This was announced via the official Mario Odyssey Japanese Twitter account.

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Super Mario Odyssey Getting Rid of 'Game Over' Screens
Super Mario Odyssey Getting Rid of ‘Game Over’ Screens

Over the years, the many Mario games have treated us to increasingly creative ‘Game Over’ screens. The newer games also had varying death screens and animations, depending on the way you died. That’s all a thing of the past, apparently. The Super Mario Odyssey Japanese Twitter account recently dropped some hints that they’re retiring not just the screens, but apparently, the concept of Game Over.

The first tweet shows us a gif of Mario dying to a Spiny. While there is still a death animation, there’s no Game Over. The game just takes away ten coins from you. The tweet says exactly that – whenever you lose all your health or fall into a pit, you’ll just lose ten coins. No Game Over.

The follow-up tweet reinforces the fact that they’ll be no Game Over. It also tells us that, even when you die with less than ten coins, you’ll still be just fine. The tweet goes on to encourage players to explore freely and without fear.

This is a pretty interesting move from the developers. Doing away with ‘Game Over’, especially in a Nintendo Game, feels really weird. According to Polygon, and the gif we can see in the first tweet, it seems that coins are everywhere, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to have enough to afford mistakes. We’ll see how it will work when the game launches.

Super Mario Odyssey comes out on October 27th, 2017.

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