Immortal Life Mana Points, How to Restore MP

At one point or another, you’ll need to know how to restore MP or get more Mana Points in Immortal Life. If you want to cast any sort of magic, it’s going to cost MP. Sure, you can get Mana Points back when you sleep, but sometimes, you’ll need to get more MP on the go. Especially when you go into the mines. So, how do you do this? Let’s find out.

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immortal life mana points how to restore mp
Immortal Life Mana Points, How to Restore MP

How to Restore Mana Points in Immortal Life, Get MP

There are several ways you can get MP in Immortal Life, aka to restore Mana Points. We’ll explain what those are for later on in the article. Right, so, one way to restore MP is to interact with the glowing blue clouds. These spawn randomly all over the map (except in the Mines, I believe), and give you back about seven Mana Points each. This is going to be your main source of MP, because they are technically an inexhaustible source. I mean, a cloud will disappear once you use it to recover Mana, but new ones spawn every day. Source #2 are Mana Elixirs. These do run out when used, and you need to get more, but they restore a lot of MP.

how to restore mana points in immortal life get mp
Blue clouds restore Mana

The third and final way to restore Mana Points or get MP in Immortal Life that I know of is the Misty Valley Terrace. This is one of the buildings you can get You Jinghe to build on your property. It requires 500 Spirit Shards, 5 Cinnabar and 10 Leather to make. You’ll find it in the upper left corner of the area where you can plant crops. Sitting there restores 6 MP for every hour you spend. Which, I admit, is not ideal; that’s a pretty low Mana yield for the in-game time invested. However, if you need a top-off and have no other options, then the Misty Valley Terrace will be very handy. And what is MP for? Casting magic; both in combat in the mines and with farming (such as using the Watering Gourd to summon a rain cloud).

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