The Maw - Medium - How to Escape the Monster

How to escape The Maw monster in The Medium is going to be a matter of worry in several points of the game, starting just after you solve the puzzles in the manager’s office. You’ll have to complete the Medium monster chase as the creature keeps barring doors and even teleporting at one point. It’s a fairly difficult section, and it only gets more tense from there. To be frank, the clunky controls don’t help matters, like, at all. With all that said, here’s our The Maw – Medium – How to Escape the Monster guide to help you beat the chase.

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the maw medium how to escape the monster
The Maw – Medium – How to Escape the Monster

How to Escape The Maw Monster Chase in The Medium?

To escape the Maw in the Monster Chase in The Medium after exploring Thomas’s office, there are two things you have to know. The first one is that the creature will keep closing off paths, leaving only one way to go. Don’t trust any doorway that you see, especially if it’s going straight. The second thing is that the Maw will teleport right in front of you near the end of the chase for a cheap kill. With that said, let’s get into the details of the chase.

When the sequence begins, the camera will be facing behind you. Run towards the camera until the monster screams “Alone! Naked!” As soon as that happens, be ready to run to Marianne’s left. After that, the camera will be behind you. Now the matter of how to escape the Maw in The Medium gets tricky. As soon as you get the chance, turn right (when the Maw says “let me try you on”) and take another right at the next intersection, when Marianne says “oh God, no.” As you approach the crack in the wall, turn left, then take another right when you can and stick to the left wall.

Now for the hard part of how to escape the Maw in the Medium chase. As you get to the intersection, the Maw will jump from the wall opposite and try to grab you. What you have to do is turn the tightest left turn you ever have. It might take a few tries, so be patient. Once you manage to evade the attack, run straight forward to the hole in the wall; pay no attention to the moths. As soon as you get through the hole you’ll be safe… for now.

How to Evade The Maw in The Medium?

How you evade the Maw in The Medium will depend on whether you’re in the spirit realm or the physical realm. In the spirit world, the monster can see you, but you can see it, too. That makes things a bit easier, as you can monitor its location and sneak around as necessary. It’s the usual horror game hero-monster dynamic; plus, you can use your spirit powers to fight back a bit.

When it comes to escaping the Maw monster in The Medium in the normal world, things get way more… interesting. The Maw is blind, but the trade-off is that it’s invisible and has super-hearing. Oh, and your powers are useless. Fun, right? The Maw’s hearing is so good, that in some instances, you’ll have to hold your breath (left Alt or R3) so it doesn’t hear you. Now, you can’t see the beast, but there is a trick that you can use to locate it. Your flashlight will start blinking faster the nearer you get the Maw in Medium, so you’re kinda playing a deadly game of “hot and cold.”

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