Immortals Fenyx Rising Tears of Aphrodite - Kalliope's Distress Solution

Kalliope’s Distress is a vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising. It’s a dungeon filled with puzzles, which you’ll have to visit during the Crying Shame quest in order to get the Tear of Aphrodite from within. The biggest challenge is the series of puzzles involving fire-breathing heads and pressing buttons in the correct order while avoiding fireballs. If you get stuck here, our Immortals Fenyx Rising Tears of Aphrodite Kalliope’s Distress solution guide will show you what to do.

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fenyx rising tear of aphrodite kalliope's distress fire breathing heads puzzle
Immortals Fenyx Rising Tears of Aphrodite – Kalliope’s Distress Solution

Fire breathing heads puzzle solution – Kallipe’s Distress vault

The first puzzle serves as an introduction – there’s only one fire trap and four plates you need to press in the correct order. The second one is a bit harder, but not much – there’s only one head there as well, but a bit more buttons.

The third one’s where the fun starts – the guide is positioned in such a way that you can’t see it while doing the puzzle, so you have to either memorize the sequence or use our image.

immortals fenyx rising tear of aphrodite kalliope's distress puzzle solution

The last one is optional – it unlocks the door to the epic chest. You don’t need to solve it, but you’ll probably want to. The catch here is that the pattern only appears for a short while when you pull the lever, and even when you know which buttons to press, the order is not obvious.

immortals fenyx rising kalliope's distress vault puzzle solution

The chest is to the left after you complete the third fire-breathing heads puzzle – it’s easy to miss if you head for the lightning right away, especially after the stress of having to dodge so many fireballs. The Tear of Aphrodite itself is on an altar near the exit, so you can’t possibly miss it. It was even placed in the middle of the path, so you have to bump into it.



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    Dude I missed the first tear in the first dungeon for this queat line the one where you had to shoot the boulders with the air cannon had to go back and do it again confused I had flown straight over it and grabbed the lightning ⚡⚡⚡⚡” dumb ass I am “

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