Injustice 2 Black Canary Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer, featuring the beautiful Black Canary in Injustice 2, was released by IGN. She has a wide variety of devastating punches, kicks and special attacks. She will be one of the playable DC heroes in this upcoming fighting game. Make sure you check out the trailer below:

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Black Canary’s first appearance was in the 1947’s Flash comics, as one of the first DC heroines. Black Canary possesses a unique special ability called Canary Cry. It is a very strong sonic scream which can shatter objects and incapacitate enemies, as seen in the video. She can also unleash a flurry of fast kicks to knock down the opponent. There is also some kind of blue grenade that will stun enemies for a short period of time.

We can see some very agile movements from Black Canary, as well as some amazing level transition sequences while fighting the Blue Beetle. The level transition can make any fight look much more interesting, giving it a cinematic feel, like in a blockbuster movie.

In the DC story, she is a very versatile combatant, and possesses many skills and traits. In hand-to-hand combat, she prefers to use Judo and Boxing techniques, as one of the most skilled martial artists in the whole DC universe. She likes to ride her motorcycle; she is also an investigator, covert operative and a very skilled gymnast, as we can see by her swift and agile movement.

In the recent TV show Arrow, we could see Black Canary in action, teaming up with Arrow to fight crime in crime-infested Starling City. The Injustice 2 release date is getting closer, for all major gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even Android and iOS users will get their own versions of Injustice 2, which is great news for all mobile gamers.

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