Final Fantasy XV Free Booster Pack DLC Release Delayed

During the Active Time Report live stream, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack DLC for February 26th. Unfortunately, the release will have to suffer a delay, due to complaints from Saban Entertainment. According to them, the Magitek Exosuits included in the DLC resemble the Power Rangers suits a little too much.

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Final Fantasy XV Free Booster Pack DLC Release Delayed
Final Fantasy XV Free Booster Pack DLC Release Delayed

Earlier this week, Square Enix held its FF XV Active Time Report live stream. During the event, they revealed that the Booster Pack DLC would go live on February 26th. It would contain the Magitek Exosuits, a powerful armor that would grant the wearer invincibility for 30 minutes. Although some players have complained about the design of the suits, most of them were eager to get their hands on the armor.

However, they’ll have to wait longer than anticipated. Someone else noticed the distinct design of the suits, namely, Saban Entertainment. The owners of the Power Rangers IP have lodged a complaint to Square Enix, saying that the suits are too Power-Ranger-like. The designers of the exosuits have stated that the resemblance is accidental, but they’ve decided to re-desing them anyway. Considering they might face a lawsuit otherwise, that might be a prudent move.

Fans of Final Fantasy 15 have noticed this similarity immediately. Several articles have speculated that the similarities were intentional. They thought that this was some kind of branding deal with Saban to promote the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Well, that isn’t the case. And now, I can’t understand how the people at Square Enix didn’t see the resemblance.

During the live stream, there was also mention of the upcoming Episode: Gladio DLC.

What do you think of the initial Magitek Exosuit design? Do they really resemble the Power Ranger armor that much? Tell us in the comments!

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