Injustice 2 Introducing Darkseid Gameplay Trailer Released

The latest character introduction gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 is up, and we finally get to see Darkseid in action. As it currently stands, Darkseid (at least as a playable character) is a preorder bonus. so it’s interesting to see if he’s worth it. Judging by how brutally effective he seems to be – yes, apparently he is.

Injustice 2 Introducing Darkseid Gameplay Trailer Released
Injustice 2 Introducing Darkseid Gameplay Trailer Released

The gameplay trailers for Injustice 2 just keep on a-comin’ the closer we get to the game’s launch. This time around, we get to see Darkseid deal and all-out thrashing onto Brainiac, the (technically) main villain of the game. We’ve written before about Brainiac in our Shattered Alliances Pt. 5 article. To see him effortlessly dispatched by Darkseid is kinda chilling.

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Darkseid, as is fitting for an unstoppable, godlike being full of hate, is a terrifying foe. I love how his idling pose and half of his move animations have him holding his hands behind his back. You are a minor nuisance to Darkseid, and he wants you to know it. However, what’s going to be the most frustrating part about fighting him are his Omega beams. Those things can avoid your block by going over it. Plus, he can just fire them away from you and they’ll circle back behind you. Darkseid can also open portals to through you around and summon his Parademons to fight you. And those are just some fairly basic moves.

His ultimate move is to fire you into space with the Omega beams, smack you into some space debris, and straight into… well’ into his gigantic hand. The hand then squashes you, pulls you into a portal and back into the arena. Check out the trailer below to get the full effect of Darkseid’s power.

In case you’re a newcomer to DC comics, here’s a quote about Darkseid from the Injustice 2 official website. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

A being of pure hate incarnate, the lord of Apokolips Darkseid demands the total subjugation of all existence. His merciless obsession has left a wake of suffering and obliteration as he seeks the Anti-Life Equation. With his invincible body, limitless strength, army of Parademons, and the annihilating power of his Omega Beams make him not only a threat to this world, but to every world within reach.

If you want to preorder Injustice 2 and get Darkseid, you can still do so. The game itself is coming out on May 16th, 2017 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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