Prey demo only available on PS4 and Xbox One

Prey, the new game from Dishonored creators, and also a remake of a 2006 shooter, is arriving soon and it seems like a good time to put a demo out. PC players will be sad (or angry), but the demo is limited to Playstation 4 and Xbox One as of today. Word of warning: if you plan to play the demo, DO NOT CLICK the video below.

The demo covers the first hour of the game (hence the name ‘Prey Demo: Opening Hour’) and it will cover the adventures of Morgan Yu, the space scientist, aboard a research facility dubbed Talos I. The actual size of the demo is around 13 GB. To be more precise, the PS4 version weighs in at 13.6 GB and Xbox One is the lighter one with 13.1 GB.

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Talking of the story, you should be able to play Morgan Yu as either male or female, however, it is not known if the option is available in the demo – it certainly will be in the full game. Without further spoilers, there will be some baddy bad aliens aboard and they will be busy killing humans on the space station in ways that will probably glorify violence in all kinds of nice ways. Of course, it will be up to you to stop them. The developers are promising an intense experience and the first hour is said to deliver just that.

There is no world on why the demo is not arriving to PC, even though the game itself is. It is usually not a good sign, because it might mean the developers are not satisfied with (or confident enough in) this version. Or they just want to be on the safe side, in case a glitch happens and causes an uproar. Speaking of the demo, there is not word whether the demo progress will be transferable to the main game.

The game will be released on May 5, on PS4, Xbox One and PC and the developers have already mapped out the post-launch DLC.

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