Daredevil Jump Locations | Just Cause 3

Daredevil Jumps are ramps which allow you to perform stunt jumps in Just Cause 3. Driving a vehicle off of every one of them will unlock the Consummate Daredevil achievement.
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There’s thirty of them across the three areas of Medici – clearing each one will also unlock a new vehicle in your garage. This guide will show you all Daredevil Jump locations in JC3.

Daredevil Jumps in Isla Fonte

There are 13 stunt jumps in the Isla Fonte region. Finding them all will unlock the Custom Geschwind motorcycle. You’ll find pictures of map locations for each ramp below. After you liberate an area, they’ll be marked on your map, but this way you can get them even without clearing the place of DiRavello troops.

Isla Dracon Stunt Jumps

On Isla Dracon, you’ll have the chance to jump off of 10 ramps. When you try them all out, your Rebel Drop garage will get another addition – the Custom Kletterer 300 quad bike. The gallery below shows the map locations of all the stunt jumps in this area.

Daredevil Jump Locations in Isla Striate

Isla Striate is the largest region of the game map, but it is home to the fewest stunt jumps. There’s only 7 of them in the area. When you’ve found them all and used them to soar through the air, you’ll unlock the Incendiario Monster Truck.

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