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Verdeleon 3 is a sports car in Just Cause 3. It’s almost as fast as the Formula 1 vehicle, but more resilient. It’s also an electric car, which is kind of curios but doesn’t affect gameplay. You’ll need it if you want the Caught Em All achievement. This guide will show you where to find Verdeleon 3 in JC3.

verdeleon 3 sports car

Where to find Verdeleon 3

We’ve found only one place so far where you can get it without waiting for a random spawn. It’s in a warehouse on Insula Striate, in the north of Montana province. The best way to get there is by using a plane or wingsuit. You can’t miss it when flying near – it’s a single huge building on a snowy plain.

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  1. C

    dude i went past this place called falco ultra defence thingy in the verdeleon 3 and a missle came down and blew up my car and killed me!

    1. W

      Iff you play the story you can disable the bavarium nukes and get a bunch of veichles for beating levels

      1. G

        when i tried i blew up aswell and i handed the controller to my brother and he made it across first time. I was so annoyed i turned off the console before he get it to the garage 🙂

    2. C

      Try using your helicopter and grappling it to the bottom then VERY CAREFULLY taking it to the nearest town

  2. J

    I drove past Falco and got blown up by a nuke

  3. J
    Joey Hall

    Went to go get car for my garage. Nearest garage is 11 km away. OK I’m gonna ride for like 15 min. Accidently hit a red dude and attack starts. Get out barely. 100 m from garage awesome I did it. NPC truck jerks and crashes into my car causing it to catch on fire and explode 5 m from garage. FML

    1. C

      wow that sucks

  4. R

    it took me 3-4 hours to do this xD i tried to helicopter it like 3 times never happend, tried to drive around to the left duke didnt work go right through nukalle lol so i went right being super carefull not to piss off the authorities and i eventualy made it xD

  5. H

    i did it with the big jumbo jet first try

  6. D

    Right behind the warehouse is a r
    Train track and behind that is a road.
    Just get the car there safely and then waypoint the nearest garage on the road

  7. There’s a road behind the warehouse so drive down the hill and then once at the road, set a waypoint to the nearest garage

  8. S

    easy if you have completed

  9. A

    Here are some tips to help you out:
    -The nearest garage to the warehouse is Perla Est. Liberate it before going.
    -DO NOT go to the warehouse by car. If you go by car there is a high chance of you bumping into a soldier (as most Insula Striate provinces are full of bases only) and you will get a heat level. The road also goes through Falco Maxime, which will launch Bavarium Nukes at you. Take a helicopter and don’t go near Falco Maxime.
    -Once you get there, do not be alarmed by the guards. They won’t to anything as long as you don’t do anything to them.
    -When you have the car, instead of going left (which is towards Falco Maxime), go right and place a waypoint on Perla Est.
    -Drive safely as there is a high chance that you will crash into a soldier and they will blow you up.
    Good luck!
    -If yo

    1. W

      Verdeleon 3 is faster as the formula 1 car peaks at 321 with the nitrous boost but the verdeleon can reach that without the nitrous boost

  10. C

    Pro tip, go down the hill out the back and use the train track to drive down south. You can drive on the right side because the car is faster than the train. This will get you to within about 3km of a garage super quick

  11. E

    Imagine trying to get before completing the game

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