Insula Striate Rebel Shrine Locations | Just Cause 3

Rebel Shrines are one of the collectibles in Just Cause 3. There are 21 of them on Insula Striate.
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They look like mailboxes – dark blue metallic containers with candles inside. When you approach them, you get to light the candles in memory of fallen rebels. Collecting all of them will unlock free fast travel in the area, and it will count towards the Remember the Fallen achievement. This guide will show you where to find all Insula Striate Rebel Shrines.

Rebel Shrine Locations on Insula Striate

just cause 3 insula striate rebel shrine locations
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This area is the biggest one in the game, so you’ll have to travel quite a lot to find all the shrines. If you’ve collected them ones in the other areas, you’ll know what to expect: they’ll be hard to spot from the air, standing under a tree or next to a stone wall. Be sure you’re comfortable with the wingsuit or have a chopper at hand before you begin.

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