Kingdom Come Deliverance - Ancient Map Treasure Locations

Ancient maps are special items in Kingdom Come Deliverance, because they are part of Treasures of the Past DLC. Maps are available only to players who purchased the game before release. Once you reach the second town – Rattay, treasure maps will be waiting for you in a chest in the Rattay Mill. There are five maps that point to five treasures scattered throughout Kingdom Come Deliverance world. If you have any problems with finding these treasures follow our guide and you’ll find all Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Ancient Map Locations.

Ancient map I

Unlike some other treasures, it’s very easy to find location for Ancient map 1 treasure. But, before you start your journey, make sure that you have a spade in your inventory. Look for the treasure In Rattay Forest, southeast of Neuhof. You’ll come across a grave and a overturned cart next to it. Dig up the grave and you’ll find a buried sack.

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Ancient map II

The second map was the hardest one for me to find. The map directs you toward the forest, but treasure location was very hard to find. From Sasau and Vranik you should go far to the south. In the forest, look for a huge rock, because that is the only mark that will help you locate the treasure. Once you spot the rock, just a few steps further you’ll find a small cave entrance. Look inside and take your treasure.

Ancient Map III

This time you’ll have to go to the northeasternmost part of the map. Once you reach Uzhitz, follow the road to the north until you see a small lake, then turn right. At the end of the rock wall you will see a tree and a grave next to it. You’ll need a spade for this treasure as well.

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Ancient Map IV

Ancient Map V

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  1. K

    treasure map 4 is literally the easiest, go to the rattay mill, cross the island with the two bridges heading away from rattay, when you get to a fork in the path go left, keep going left until you reach a camp with a bunch of normies, once there youre close, keep going left along the path til you reach a conciliation cross, now stop, around the woods near the cross is a giant ruined building, it should be marked as an interesting site when you get close enough, climb up on the wall and inside is a chest that you need to open with lockpicking.

    WARNING bandits patrol the road near the treasure during the day, make sure you sneak when youre close.

  2. K

    treasure map 5 is impossible at low levels, its north of skalitz, but the treasure is inside a very hard lock pick chest. its probably the easiest to find on the map once you get rid of the fog on the map, but the hardest to actually obtain.

  3. M

    so i am playing on pc and i don’t think all the maps are the same my 4th one is east of ledetchko and a little north west of the miller

    1. R

      Hi monkeyboy, thats the ‘normal’ tresure map (that you can obtain in the game) , not the ancient tresure map (from the preorder dlc) that are shown here.

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