Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians Quest Heretic Location

Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians Quest has you looking for possible heretics in Uzhitz. Some players have been having trouble finding the heretic congregation place in the Waldensians quest, because the instructions are intentionally very vague. Also, there will be several tough moral choices that you’ll have to make in the quest. That being said, let’s see where to find the heretic congregation in Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians quest, and how to complete it.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians Quest Heretic Location
Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians Quest Heretic Location

Where to Find Heretic Congregation in Waldensians Quest

The location you’re looking for is a glade northeast of Uzhitz. If you look at the map, you’ll notice that there’s a place where the river widens drastically. Look to the west of there, and you’ll see a small grouping of trees there. That’s where the congregation is hiding.

The Heretic Testimony book that you get from the Vicar gives you clues as to where exactly the heretics are hiding. The problem is, it’s all ramblings of an insane person. Every single landmark it mentions is a riddle of sorts. Of course, the situation gets even worse if you can’t read well. So, just take a look at the map below for the exact location.

where to find heretics waldensians quest kingdom come deliverance

You’ll know that you’re at the entrance to the glade when you find the weirdly-shaped hay bales shown in the first image in this article. Once you find the gathering place, your next order of business is to explore the gathering place. Really, the one thing that you’re looking for is the wooden cross. It’s on a small, kinda altar-like rock in the corner of the glade.

waldensians quest heretic gathering location kingdom come deliverance

Ride back to Uzhitz, and go to the church to talk with Father Goodwin. He’ll tell you that the Bauer family owns the cross. At this stage, you can rat the Bauers out immediately to the Vicar, or to go to their farm and listen in on their prayers. It’s probably better to go to the farm, but be very aware that time is of the essence. The quest is timed, so every second counts. Ride immediately to the southeast of Uzhitz to the farm.

bauer farm location kingdom come deliverance waldensians quest

Look around the farm, and you’ll notice ladders that will lead you up into the loft in the southwest corner. Quickly climb up, and wait until evening for them to start praying. You can rest until then to speed up the time.

Waldensians Quest Alternate Endings Kingdom Come Deliverance

There are several ways that you can end the Waldensians quest. It all hinges on whether you want to side with the vicar, or Father Goodwin, and, ultimately, Sir Hanush. After you’ve listened to the Bauers pray, you can immediately tell the Vicar that they are heretics. This will put you in the good graces of the church, but not Hanush, since this won’t make the Vicar leave.

Probably the best way to complete this quest is to not talk with the Vicar at all. Report what you heard to Father Goodwin. He’ll tell you to try and convince the Bauers to leave. So, ride back to the farm and speak with Mistress Bauer. Admit that you’re working for the Vicar. It sounds counter-intuitive, but don’t worry. Then, choose the option “God gives you the chance to escape.” This should help you persuade them to leave. You will need a high speech score to pull this off. Then, go back to Uzhitz and talk to the Vicar. Tell him that you know who the heretics are, and he’ll tell you that he’ll go after them. This will both keep the Bauers safe for now, and make the Vicar leave Sir Hanush’s fiefdom. All that’s left is to go and report to Sir Hanush.

Or, you can just say “screw it” and outright kill the Vicar. Not the most popular of moves, but hey, it’s efficient. In case the quest keeps timing up on you, or you can’t persuade the Bauers to leave, this might end up being your only option. If you do end up killing the Vicar, do not, repeat, do not tell Sir Hanush the truth. Really, this quest is all about the moral choices. A lot of the choices will be up to you to figure out who you want to side with.

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  1. A

    ” a glade northwest of Uzhitz”

    Your own map shows it as NE, not NW.

    1. H

      You dont seem to know east from west.

    2. J

      Entirely my bad, fixed it!

  2. A

    “thing that you’re looking for is the wooden cross. It’s on a small, kinda altar-like rock in the northwest corner of the glade.”

    This is also NE not NW

    1. J

      Pretty sure I’m right on this one, but I’ve removed it for clarity’s sake.

  3. B

    Yeah, those dialogue options didn’t work for me. None of them have. Not sure what I did differently not to have her be persuaded.

    1. J

      You might not have a high enough speech level.

  4. D

    “God fives you the chance to escape.” Except for the typing mistake it also didn’t work.
    Best way is to save before trying!

    1. D

      What I did to succeed was use a bards potion.
      That buffed my speech and then she listened to me.

      1. J

        Exactly; every time you try to persuade someone into something, the game will do a speech check.

  5. J

    wth?! got the cross but can’t talk to the priest and vicar doesn’t say anything particular so i can’t continue in this quest

    1. J

      Might be the quest is bugged for you, hard to tell.

    2. P

      Soo, i did this mission at night, how much time do I have exactly? And should I kill him witouth stealing his guards armor? Or stealing it (I have I would say a pretty good armor layout already)

      1. K

        just kill em and take whatever you need.

  6. D

    Just for the sake of curiosity, what does happen if you kill the Vicar and tell sir Hanush the truth about it?

    1. J

      We didn’t try it out, but he’ll likely be pretty POd about it.

  7. H

    I have a bug. I finish the quest but sir Hanush won’t wake up he just sleeping for only God knows how long. how can i do this quest? i need Godwin to go to Talmberg

  8. J

    If you go get the wooden cross from the heretic glade before you speak with the vicar you likely triggered a bug. I came to Uzhits again to attempt the quest and can’t progress because I tried to cut corners.

    1. J

      Yeah, the game has those random moments where it can’t handle you playing it as an open world, which is how it’s meant to be played. So bizarre.

  9. M

    Well that wasn’t creepy at all, I’m crouching in the Bauers loft and as it enters the cut scene a random guy appears standing behind me in his nightshirt, completely oblivious to me being there. I think I was stopping the programming letting him go to bed. He had vanished as the cut scene ended but then as I climbed down the ladder Mrs Bauer was standing at the bottom and seemed not to notice me, I realised she was snoring. I must have stopped her sim using the vacant bed in the loft and as if on a time frame her sim fell asleep. No wonder there are so many ncp bugs. the players interaction in the map seems to create road blocks on the ncp’s coded pathways.

  10. M
    Mike Miller

    I do not know why the developers decided to make a large number of the side quests TIMED but it utterly ruins the game. This quest being chief among the pains in my ass. After about the 3rd save back, having timed out on me at least that many times (sometimes right before completion) I went the route of least resistance – murder. I put an arrow right in the Vicar’s brainhole. Problem fucking solved.

  11. I

    The persuasion didnt work. So I am doing some jail time so i can make Hanush happy. Worth it.

  12. C

    Thank you very much.

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