Kingdom Come Deliverance Baptism of Fire - How to kill Runt & Archers

Baptism of Fire is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. When you take it up, you’ll have to attack a bandit camp and defeat Runt, the outlaw that was behind all the raids and massacres. There are several tricky parts in the quest, like the skirmish with a group of archers, and the fight against Runt himself. If you’re stuck here, you’ll find helpful tips in our Kingdom Come Deliverance Baptism of Fire quest guide.

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kingdom come deliverance baptism of fire quest kill runt archers
Kingdom Come Deliverance Baptism of Fire – How to kill Runt & Archers

How to defeat archers in Baptism of Fire quest?

The archers are a big threat – the arrows cause bleeding, and there’s no easy way to protect yourself from them. If you had to fight them head on, you probably wouldn’t fare too well. Luckily, you don’t have to. You can set fire to the hay stacks, which will make them flee. Also, the two essential NPCs that are on your side can’t be killed – they have infinite health. This means you can sit out the entire battle, hidden behind a rock somewhere, and let them do all the work. All of your other comrades will die, but the two of them will deal with the archers, and all the other enemies.

How to beat Runt in Baptism of Fire quest?

Runt is an extremely gifted swordsman. He can perform some pretty dangerous combos, as well as block or parry most of your attacks. He can’t block or parry arrows to the face, though. The easiest way to deal with him is to equip a bow and some decent arrows (better piercing arrows, or better hunting arrows). Simply walk in circles around the room, backpedalling as you shoot arrows at him. Make sure you go around the wooden beam, as it stops him from swinging for some reason.

“Too many of your men have died” bug

A number of players have been complaining about getting the game over screen with the words “too many of your men have died”, when in fact either none or a just a handful did. There’s no way around this issue at the moment, hopefully it gets ironed out in one of the upcoming patches.