Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XI location

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure maps are special items in the game, that can be purchased from vendors. These maps are similar to Ancient maps, which are available only to players who purchased the game before release. Each Treasure map leads to well-hidden place where unique rewards are waiting for our main character Henry. Just make sure you have your inventory clear of all non-essential items before you decide to go on the treasure-hunt. In this article, we’ll show you where you can buy Treasure Map XI, and where to find the hidden treasure.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map XI location

Treasure Map XI

In order to get this map travel to Talmberg, a little town southeast of Rovna. Once you reach the town look for trader Votava. You’ll find him in front of his house, sitting on the bench. Maps are pretty expensive, and you can buy this one for 120 Groschen. The map will send you west of Ledetchko, in the forest. On a river bank, you’ll find a mine. Go inside and you’ll find a sack with some nice rewards. There are two mines / caves in this area. One of them is a little further in the forest, but there are no rewards to be found. There is one more interesting thing, just a little to the east from this empty cave, you’ll find a small shelter with another treasure sack inside. Happy hunting!