Kingdom Come Deliverance House of God Quest - Where to find skull

House of God is one of the side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can take it up by talking to Sir Divish in Talmberg. It’s a pretty straightforward affair, except for one part – finding a certain skull a certain individual dropped somewhere. The game will mark the area where you’re supposed to search, but the skull is so well hidden that you’ll probably have trouble finding it. If you get stuck, our Kingdom Come Deliverance House of God quest guide will help you.

kingdom come deliverance house of god side quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance House of God Quest – Where to find skull

Sir Divish will tell you all about his troubles with the monastery and how they’re trying to weasel out of the contract they have with his quarry. He send you to investigate and try to get the truth out of them. The monastery is near Sassau, so you’ll have to ride a fair bit.

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Where to find skull in House of God quest?

After a chat with the monks, you’ll find out about the skull that Leshek dropped nearby. If you open your map, you’ll see the area by the river near the monastery marked in yellow. That’s where the skull is, at least approximately. If you’re not interested in finely combing the area, just go down to the river and jump into the water.

Look for a patch of grass hanging above the river, the soil beneath it washed away by the water. It’s right by the small wooden pier. The skull will be undearneath it.

Devils Skull Location Kingdom Come Deliverance

Where to find Zmola in House of God quest?

As the quest draws to a close, you’ll have to deal with Zmola. He’s supposed to spawn atop the mill, but some players are reporting him not appearing, most probably due to bugs. If he does spawn, remember to use your horse, and deal as much damage as you can with the bow. If he doesn’t appear, you could try looking for Leshek in the mill. If you find him before Zmola attacks him, you can avoid the fight altogether.

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  1. D

    The skull isnt there or atleast its bugged to where i cant pick it up

    1. J

      It is, if you stand on the peir and look out into the river bank you want to head right along the bank, just as you about to leave the search zone it is tucked under the section of the bank that is overhanging the water. The skull is a reddish brown colour and is really small so its really hard to see

    2. B

      Well I explored and figured it out. He was hiding upstairs in miller’s house the mill then I helped gaurds beat zmola up. Just cos map marker tells u don’t mean they will be there as he’s hiding from been killed. I also found all evidence and went to all a b c points it’s not always best to talk to certain people if you think it will blow things up worse like real life stop been lazy n remember every person has to sleep eat so houses upstairs and asking every body everything helps

      1. B

        Leshek I mean zmola is been seized by gaurds if u hand leshek in that is use it initiative for that. This game don’t hold your hand. There’s slot of bugs floating and falling through floor nothing a fast travel won’t fix but most quests work I managed to do most side quests before second act. All worked fine.

  2. J

    Skull is not there. Searched the whole riverbank.

    1. H

      Get in the water, look at the washed out piece of dirt. On the far left of it just under the dirt edge and grass. Skull is really small so look hard.

  3. J

    The Skull is under the ledge to the right of the steps by the water. You have to get close to pick it up. As for Zmola, he is just gone – vanished and I guess this is the bug. This game feels like an alpha release. I never seen a game released with this many bugs.

    1. K

      I couldn’t agree more! This game has a ridiculous amount of Bugs! I have spent 3 hours on the House of God mission alone because I can Not find Leshek. I have tried using Multiple Saves from different points. I still can Not find Leshek and the Overseer is in a Coma in his bed. You can not talk to him or interact with him in anyway. I mean I love Deep Silver games but this game needs to be FIXED ASAP. Hey but at least I found the Skull…yay? The skull is there unless your game is glitching out. As you face the water, go in the water and turn right , it is under that overhang. Very easy to miss, it is red and Brown and it blends in with the river bank!

  4. S

    Skull isn’t there. Searched repeatedly. Nope.

  5. S
    Sam Wilson

    Same issue. Was at night with torch in hand – used wait feature – maybe 6 hrs till daylight. Skull appeared.

  6. L

    The skull is at the most left side under the soil patch

  7. J
    Jeremy A Sohkhlet

    Best way to actually solve this quest is when you get to the part where Zmola tells you to meet him at night, instead of waiting and getting into a fist fight up on scaffolding, go to the miller’s place. Top floor, room all the way in the back. You’ll find Leshek and be able to talk to him and continue from there. Not sure if its at a certain time but I went there at around 2100hrs after Zmola told me to meet him at night. Hope this helps.

  8. P

    I think I either broke the quest or managed to get a different outcome with same prizes. Im writing it here cause i searched a lot but couldn’t found anybody with the results i got. In my version i think zmola killed leshek and got away. When i went back to monastery to ask him about leshek, instead of arranging a meeting at night he just told me that leshek confessed everything to him then bolted. He told me he reported leshek but he got away. Well, he probably killed him already. No other dialogue options. Funny thing is, Henry totally bought this and next objective is to report to sir Divish which concludes the objective with the same reward. But knowing the master criminal being loose bugs me lol. I guess this was another time sensitive mission, since halfwaythrough i abondoned the mission to do other stuff.

    1. K

      Same Exact thing happened to me. I don’t understand where I went wrong either. I really don’t think it is us. I want to believe that it was a time sensitive quest also. If you put time in the equation with every quest well that just kinda sucks! It would also help the players to warn us that this particular quest has a time limit. I just think It is Bad Coding/programming! Don’t get me wrong, I love Deep Silver games but Kingdom Come Deliverance has Crazy Amount of Bugs and Glitches! There are so many that it has started to ruin my game experience!

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