Kingdom Come Deliverance - My Friend Timmy Quest

My Friend Timmy is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Some bandits are hiding out in a windmill south of Merhojed and your task is to talk to Timmy, and find out their location. Unfortunately you are not the only one looking for Timmy. Even though this quest is short, and everything is marked on the map, you can come across some bugs, and in this guide we’ll help you solve them.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy
Kingdom Come Deliverance – My friend Timmy

Where to find bandits’ camp location and not kill Timmy

During this objective you have two solutions. You can decide not to reveal Tommy’s location to bandits, or tell them that he’s hiding at the Kolbens’ farm. If you choose the first option, Runt’s bandits will attack you. You can easily kill them all if you have bow and arrows. Equip a bow and use better piercing or better hunting arrows. Simply walk in circles around them as you shoot arrows at bandits.

If you decide to tell them where Timmy is hiding, one of the bandits will stay with you, while the others will go after Timmy. You can easily kill him, and then find Timmy. Talk to him before bandits reach the farm, and he’ll reveal bandit’s camp location. You can also easily kill one by one bandits while they are running towards the farm.

If you come too late, and Timmy is already dead, you can go and look for bandit’s camp. You’ll find it in the forest north of Talmberg.

You can also choose to befriend the bandits. If you help them they will take you into their camp, and you can poison their food or burn arrows.

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    I’ve just led them on a wild gooschase. i told them that timmy is hiding in rattay. They are now running to rattay. I reached rattay before them and could sadly not tell anyone that they are coming. So my questions is; will they come to attack rattay? will they fight the guards or simply check the butcher’s shop if timmy is there? How long does it take them to reach rattay?

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