Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse That Bolted Quest - Where to find Pie

The Horse That Bolted is one of the side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start it by talking to the stablehand in Uzhitz, at the stable in the southern part of town. He’ll tell you their prized stallion, Pie, had mysteriously disappeared. You’ll need to find the animal, but it won’t be easy. There are clues and witnesses you can interrogate, but it’s easy to get stuck. That’s precisely why we’ve written this Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse That Bolted quest guide.

where to find horse that bolted kingdom come deliverance
Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse That Bolted Quest – Where to find Pie

Where to find Pie, the lost horse?

If you take the road directly south from the stables, you’ll find some dung. Further down the road, there’s a farm (1). You can talk to the woman there, and she’ll send you even furhter south. Talking to the people in surrounding camps will lead you along the river, to the east. It seems like you need to talk to both the wayfarer (2) and the charcoal miners (4) in order for the horse to appear at the prescribed location (4).

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When you find the horse, it will be under the care of a particular person. You can talk to him, try to explain that the horse was stolen. You can also buy the horse from him. Finally, you can simply cut him down where he stands, but this will ruin your reputation in Uzhitz.

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  1. U

    Who wrote this article? Has the author even bothered doing the quest the intended way ? First you should have asked around where the horse went. IT WAS NOT STOLEN IT INDEED RAN AWAY ! You should check out the nearest hut and ask the couple that lives there. They tell you it ran south. Then you should check out the camp and ask the guys there. They will tell you the horse ran past here and of of their colleagues went after it. If you follow the stream you will find him with the horse. You can then convince him that it ran away and he should head back to his camp, because he left his stuff unattended or you can bribe him. At least bother to try to make a good walkthrough ..

    1. G

      I’ve done this quest before the same way as described in the walkthrough, and ive seen vidoes of people doing it your way as well. The devs menntioned that quests can be done in different methods.

    2. J

      Good review or not, at least bother to be a good person. This is an open wold game, with multiple ways to accomplish or complete a quest. Just because someone did it differently than you it does not mean you have to be beligerant about it.

      1. H

        The OP is fedora with arms, what do you expect?

  2. T

    It isn’t exactly a mysterious disappearance. The horse was being ridden when the rider fell and then the horse bolted. I guess you could maybe say the reason for the fall was mysterious, but the horse disappearing… not so much.

  3. K
    Kingdom came

    I followed the trail, to the charcoal burners and then downstream but when i haooened on the horse and the Thistle or whatever his name is, the horse suddenly dissappeared and i failed the quest… wtf

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