Kingdom Come Deliverance Update 1.03 Patch Notes on PS4

Update 1.03 for Kingdom Come Deliverance has come out for the PlayStation 4. It’s a pretty heavy 16 GB in size. The new update improves stealth and stealth kills, while also adjusting the rate at which people get dirty. On top of that, it brings a ton of fixes for bugged quests and various optimizations. The patch for Xbox One is still waiting to be approved.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Update 1.03 Patch Notes on PS4
Kingdom Come Deliverance Update 1.03 Patch Notes on PS4

Kingdom Come Deliverance has launched as a bit of a mess, as we all now. Fortunately, the developers are working hard on fixing the game’s multitude of problems. Major patches are going to be coming out in two weeks or so, but a new update has come out for the PlayStation 4 is out. The new patch for the PS 4 has finally passed Sony’s certification process, and it will update the game to version 1.03. Warhorse Studios hasn’t put out any official patch notes, but we can analyze the PS4 changelog, courtesy of PlayStation Lifestyle.

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For starters, update 1.03 for Kingdom Come Deliverance will adjust stealth and stealth kills. Also, getting dirty will now happen more gradually to people. The rest of the changelog consists of various optimizations and fixes for additional quest bugs, which the game desperately needs. The patch is over 16 GB in size, which seems like a lot for these changes. There’s a reason for that, though. Apparently, the game’s engine divides the game into 2 GB chunks. If the developers bring even the slightest change to a given chunk, you have to download the entire 2 GB all over again. That means that every single update for Kingdom Come will be 2 GB minimum. That being said, the updates won’t overcrowd your hard drive. They’ll only replace the existing files.

Those of you that are playing Kingdom Come Deliverance on Steam, you probably already have the patch, so don’t worry. As for Xbox One players, bad news. According to Daniel Vavra, the patch for you is “still in progress.” This is because of Microsoft’s convoluted and drawn-out approval process. Hopefully, it’ll come through soon. For more information on the game, be sure to check out our other Kingdom Come Deliverance articles, including Next To Godliness – Wine, Flowers & Roses and Bird in The Hand – Nightingale Locations.

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