Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Steal, Sell, and Make Money

Kingdom Come Deliverance allows you to steal items from merchants, sell them, and earn money. However, stealing in Kingdom Come Deliverance is risky business, and always comes with consequences. It does also break immersion greatly, but hey, free money! Let’s see how to steal and sell items in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Steal, Sell, and Make Money
Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Steal, Sell, and Make Money

How to Steal in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

There are several ways to steal in Kingdom Come Deliverance, as pointed out by Reddit user PM_ME_CATS_OR_BOOBS. Nice username. One way is to try and pickpocket people, which is borderline useless. The second way is to lockpick into buildings and rob the place blind. Last, but not least, you can swipe an item openly and run for the hills. Before you attempt any of this, it’s best to save the game just in case.

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As far as lockpicking the back doors of stores goes, you can either do it by day or by night. If you choose to do it by day, you’ll be pretty safe. The shopkeeper and guards will be in the front, so the back will be unguarded. However, those doors are hard to pick, and lockpicking is headache enough. If you approach by night, you can break into bedrooms more easily and render the owners and guards unconscious. Simply take their keys and use them to enter the store. However, the guards in the city will be more suspicious of you. If you wake people up in the night, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Sell Stolen Items

Once you steal something, it will bear the mark of stolen goods. While it bears this tag, you can’t sell it to normal vendors. You have to find somebody who will buy stolen items from you. If you want to sell the stolen item properly, you have to wait for the mark to go away. Depending on the value of the stolen items, it can take anywhere from one day to several days. You can put the items into an unlocked chest, go about your business, and come back in a couple of days. Putting them into chests seems to speed up the timer a bit.

Keep in mind that it’s dangerous to keep stolen goods on your person. If the guards search you, you’ll go straight to prison. So, try and store the stolen goods on your horse. The guards won’t search your horse, it seems; at least, for now. Now, it’s important to remember that stealing will damage your reputation with vendors in a given town significantly. So, pick one town where you won’t steal, and use it as a hub to buy and sell from. And, speaking of reputation…

How to Regain Reputation after Stealing in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To regain reputation in a town after stealing, you have to do your time. If you get carried away with robbing, you can easily earn such notoriety that the guards will go for you as you set foot into the town. So, to fix that, you have to go to prison. However, when they arrest you, you’ll lose all of the stolen items. So, after you steal stuff, run for the hills and wait for the stolen tag to go away. Sell everything (if some of the items are still hot, take them to those that will buy them regardless), then return to the town you stole from. When the guards come for you, surrender and opt to go to prison. Wait your sentence out, and your reputation will be restored to the point where people will talk to you again.

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