Kingdom Come Deliverance The Hunt Begins Quest

The Hunt Begins is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s a main story quest, so don’t worry about missing it. In The Hunt Begins, you’ll ride out with a few soldiers to catch bandits. Once you get to Neuhof, you’ll see it severely damaged. From there, you have to find out what has happened, and find some clues. If you need help with this, here’s how to complete The Hint Begins quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance The Hunt Begins Quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance The Hunt Begins Quest

How to Start The Hunt Begins Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Starting The Hunt Begins quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance is pretty simple. Talk with Captain Bernard after he goes over to the horses and get onto Pebbles. If the band rides out without you, it’s fine, there’s no rush. Simply go over to Pebbles the horse, mount, and ride out towards Neuhof. You’ll catch up with the rest of the men soon enough. You will also notice that you can now put some of your equipment onto Pebbles, which will be very useful.

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What to Do in Neuhof – Kingdom Come Deliverance The Hunt Begins

Once you get to Neuhof, you’ll see that things aren’t exactly peachy. Bandits have slaughter the horses and burned down the stables. Your first order of business is to talk to all of the survivors. In the courtyard where the cutscene took place, you have two of them – Zora and Jakub. Zora is the mourning woman hunkered over one of the corpses. Jakub is the man covered in blood, and he’ll be standing next to the dead corpses.

Next up, follow the blood trail to the pond. The game will then tell you to go towards the main stables, so do just that by following the blood trail. There, you’ll be able to talk to Mark and Ginger. Ginger will be somewhat weird, while Mark will be the most useful of the whole bunch.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Bandits in The Hunt Begins Quest

After talking to everyone, go to the north of the farm, and locate the broken fence. You can also inspect the road just beyond the farm fence, and you’ll notice a large puddle of blood. Follow the quest marker further into the woods, and you’ll find two bandits – one dead, one very much alive. Kill the living bandit, and search the dead one to obtain the Bloody Hoofpick.

Now, go back to the farm, and you’ll find out that Ginger has vanished somewhere, which is oddly suspect. Make your way up to the entrance, where the other soldiers, Zora, and Jakub are. Talk to Jakub, and that is the end of The Hunt Begins quest. After that, the Ginger in a Pickle quest will start.

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