Kingdom Come Deliverance Masquerade Wolf Teeth, Raven Feathers

Masquerade is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In it, you and several other people masquerade as Cumans. In the process, you have to build Cuman costumes based on how other people see the Cumans. There are several potential hiccups with this quest, including getting raven feathers, wolf teeth, and dog skins. There’s also the obligatory glitches, such as NPCs spawning outside of the map. So, to help you out, we’ll show you how to get raven feathers, wolf teeth, and dog skin in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Masquerade Wolf Teeth, Raven Feathers
Kingdom Come Deliverance Masquerade Wolf Teeth, Raven Feathers

How to Get Wolf Teeth & Raven Feathers in Kingdom Come Deliverance Masquerade?

The easiest way to get raven feathers and wolf teeth in Kingdom Come Deliverance is to simply purchase them. You can purchase the wolf teeth from huntsmen, like the one in Rattay. As for raven feathers, those you can buy from alchemists. Alternatively, you can get these items from the wild. You can search bird nests to find raven feathers, for example. However, it’s much easier to just buy them and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Masquerade Quest – How to get Dog Skin?

One way to get a dog skin in Kingdom Come Deliverance is to, well, kill a dog and skin it. However, this will require you to have a perk in hunting that lets you skin animals. Otherwise, you’ll probably just get meat off of the dog. You can also try and find the dog skin from a chest, or purchase it from a vendor.

Olena Glitch in Masquerade Quest Kingdom Come Deliverance

The most frustrating part of the Masquerade quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance is talking to Olena. This is because she can glitch out pretty easily and completely ruin all of your progress. She can spawn way up in the air, then come crashing down to her death. Sometimes, the marker for her will spawn far off the edge of the map. This isn’t the only quest where that can happen, either.

What causes this? Well, it could be one of the other quests that you still have active. For example, if you have a quest active that entails a certain town being attacked, then the whole population can end up off of the map. So, if you bail in the middle of that chain and try to talk to an NPC, they’ll just be somewhere in the ether. So, try completing the offending quest chain first. That, of course, might not solve the issue; Kingdom Come Deliverance is full of surprises that way.

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